5 Easy ways to create content on the Travel Sharing App

Are you a traveller who also adores social media? If you answered yes, you must read the blog we made for your travel social media presence.

The road to generating great content begins when the avant-garde travel social media app meets an eager traveller. Using filtered stock photos of Paris while sitting in Jaipur is one of the run-of-the-mills ideas.

Now is the time to create aesthetically beautiful stories, posts, and videos when you are swimming in a lake, sunbathing at a beach, or roaming the streets. 

We are suggesting 5 ways to create engaging and exceptional content on a travel-sharing app

> Photos 

Because travel is an experiential sector, sharing photographs is an excellent way to promote wonderful encounters. Try to adhere to the best photographic settings when photographing a place, cuisine, people, or other entertainment activity.

> Videos 

Vlogging is the next big thing in content creation. If you want to give real-time experience to your audience, giving them videos of the locations and the activities is the cherry on the top. 

A Video serves the audience in a multipurpose way. The more interaction, the better. 

> Travelogues 

Creating a detailed travelogue to disseminate the information is another way for travellers to create content. Putting relevant pictures with creative stories – You can become the next Marco Polo. 

> Travel Updates 

Regular check-ins give more attention than putting one announcement post for travel updates. Don’t forget to post your travel updates every day if you are travelling. 

> Travel Tips

What attracts the most? Tips and tricks. While travelling, everyone has a different way to work things out. You can devise your way and share those helpful tips with your audience. They will love them. 

When you are already on the travel sharing app, Explurger – you can create content while winning the rewards. 

Yes! You heard it right. If you are putting a post, sharing status, or posting stories, you will get awards for socializing on the platform. 

You explurge-in every time to let your audience know your ongoing endeavors. Explurger is one of the most trending social media platforms for travellers. It is not limited to travellers only. 

Creating travelogues is one of the main features of this top travel social app. One of the fascinating features of Explurger, a made-in-India social media app is the ability to create a travelogue. Travelogue refers to the process of recording one’s travel experiences in order to disseminate well-written information. Travelogues assist those who desire to visit a particular location but lack knowledge.

Let your urge to explurger explore the corners of the world with the travel sharing app, Explurger. Awaken your travel desire to roam around the bumbling streets and white shores. 

Every destination has a graceful scope for creating content. Explurger is dedicated to making both the route and the destination unforgettable. The new travel-sharing app has changed and is continuing to reshape travel for all travellers.

With many things to take into account, this new social media travel app will be your best travel companion. It will help you to be well prepared to travel with confidence.  If you are also looking forward to having the best time of your life – the Explurger travel app is the right app for all travel enthusiasts.  Apart from sharing pictures and videos, the app will document the exact miles, cities, countries, and continents traveled by them. So, download the app right now and have an unforgettable travel experience.

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