6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Plank Flooring For Your Home

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home or a room in it, but you’re not quite sure what kind of flooring material would suit your needs best, why not consider wood plank flooring? Plank flooring comes in many styles and colors, and whether you’re working on an entire house or just one room, it can really give your home some character. So if you’re thinking about upgrading to plank flooring, here are 6 reasons why it might be the right choice for you.

They hide imperfections on your subfloor

Wide planks are not your only option for a beautiful wood plank floor. Wide planks are manufactured from timber and come in various styles, colors, and species. On average, planks are cut at 3 inches wide, but this can be customized as some homeowners choose planks between 10-20 inches wide and up to 16 feet long.
Wooden floors of all sizes are more porous than other floor plankor because they have natural pores that provide ventilation and the ability to breathe. This helps with moisture control on your subfloor which prevents mold or mildew growth underneath the flooring.
Wide plank floors also offer protection against sound by absorbing noise rather than transmitting it down into the room below.

They’re cheaper than hardwood

Wooden floor-wide planks are cheaper than hardwood. With the price of a hardwood floor averaging at $2 per square foot, many people find they cannot afford this type of wood plank. Wooden floor-wide planks average at less than half the price with an average cost of $1 per square foot. This makes wooden flooring an attractive option for those looking to save money on their project.

They're affordable compared with other wood floors

They’re affordable compared with other wood floors

Wooden planks are available in a wide range of species and styles, from rustic to contemporary. This makes it a suitable choice for both residential and commercial projects. The cost of wooden flooring is often less than other wood floors, and installation can be as quick as three days or as long as 10 weeks depending on the size of your home. Wooden planks are also easy to maintain, requiring just an occasional sweep or vacuum.

They come in an assortment of styles

Along with species and width, plank flooring is also available in an assortment of styles. A popular style is rustic as seen in a wide range of planks such as distressed wood or colored wood plank. Weathered, knotty, and textured are other types of breda plankor offered by manufacturers. Along with material type, color, and size variety, the choices are almost endless! If you’re not sure what you want then buy planks to try them out first before committing to a full installation that might not suit your needs or tastes over time.

They improve air quality

1. Thin planks promote air quality.
2. They are durable and protect your home from damage caused by earthquakes and floods.
3. They are easy to install, making them a great DIY project for homeowners who want to reduce the cost of installation services by doing it themselves.
4. They are fire-resistant, which makes them the best choice for homes with kids and pets that might be prone to accidents that cause fires in their homes.

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