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7 Steps On How to Do curly braiding hair for box braids

Box braids are a protective hairstyle which is Natural hair is frequently lengthened via braiding, and each part is braided into a separate three-strand braid from root to tip.

Curly braiding hair for box braids not only has the extra benefit of being one of the most attractive preventive hairstyles, but it is also useful and adaptable. You won’t ever regret knowing how to do box braids with curly braiding hair, regardless of how you decide to wear them.

Learn 7 steps on how to style curly braiding hair for box braids.

1. Section the Hair

Are you unsure how to begin curly braiding hair for box braids? It’s easy! Detangle your mane with care using a wide-tooth comb. Next, divide your hair into two horizontal sections using your comb.

Clip the top half up to prevent it from getting in the way as you begin plaiting. Next, separate the free hair into two equal portions by parting it vertically.

2. Comb And Secure Your Hair

Carefully comb through the hair with your fingers, paying special attention to the roots. This will facilitate braiding and give your braids a polished appearance.

To tie off the portion at the top, use a little elastic, clear, or the same shade as your hair. Keeping the hair flat on the scalp will prevent stress on the roots.

3. Style your Extensions

Pull gently on the ends of a folded section of the extensions you intend to utilize. This will give you a tapering effect that seems more natural by separating them and making them slightly uneven.

4. Start Braiding

It couldn’t be easier to curly braiding hair for box braids. Pull the strand apart, so it is on either side of the segment of your natural hair, then place the folded extension over your hair tie.

This will assist in keeping the braid as near your scalp as possible. Then, beginning with the center strand, weave the outer extensions beneath it to form a standard three-strand braid.

5. Plait from Root to Tip

Up until the point when your natural hair stops growing, braid the hair down. To continue weaving the hair until you reach the bottom, divide the final two parts of hair into three.

6. Repeat the Process

Divide the hair part by piece and continue to braid it. For the style to seem seamless, it is crucial to utilize extensions that are the same size and length for each braid.

7. Dip The Ends In Hot Water

After you’re done, seal the tips of your braids by dipping the ends into hot water. Remove any extra water with a towel. Additionally, you can use a hot towel to smooth out any flyaway so that each braid is properly polished.

Finally, you are done with curly braiding hair for box braids. You can add the volume as per your preference.


These are the 7 easy steps to make box braids hairstyles with curly braiding hair extensions. Check out all the steps and make sure you follow them in a detail. Best of luck with choosing best curly braiding hair extensions and flaunt it like there is no tomorrow.


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