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A terraced balcony is the perfect place to enjoy your garden at night.

A terraced balcony is the perfect place to enjoy your garden at night with the right lighting. Spotlights can be placed along the edge of your planter boxes to highlight your beds, and you can also add a few lanterns or pendant lights from the ceiling to light up your plants and bushes more evenly throughout the evening. Whether you prefer warm or cool tones, soft lights or brighter ones, landscape lighting gives you all kinds of options for decorating your pretty terraced garden at night.

Planning a terrace

If you have a terrace that is not in use, then it can be turned into a lovely patio area. A cheap wooden balcony can be installed, with a trolley for easy access in and out of the house, and composite decking on top of it. It can also be fitted with wall lights that will illuminate what’s happening outside as well as inside.

Choosing your design

If you have a billig trall balkong, use a balcony trolley that can hold up to 300 pounds and has wheels for easy movement so you don’t have to worry about tripping on the stairs or doing too much heavy lifting. Composite decking material is ideal for balconies because it resists rotting, mold and insects.

Building it yourself

Building it yourself

I needed a cheap wooden balcony for my terraced house and I was planning on building it myself. For this reason I ordered a balcony trolley from Amazon, which made it much easier to transport the items I needed up to my terrace. With composite decking, edging and timber boards already in stock, it was time to get started with construction of my new balcony. 

The first thing I did was measure out where my steps would be positioned on either side of the staircase leading up to my front door. From here, I installed them by screwing into both sets of stairs and filling them in with concrete so they were sturdy enough for me to stand on while working above them.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Terraces

Landscape lighting for a terrace can be tricky because of limited space, but there are some things you can do to make it work. Terrace trolleys – typically used for storing patio furniture – can come in handy here and are easy to attach lights too. komposittrall balkong are better suited for this type of installation because they don’t conduct heat like other materials do, making them more suitable for outdoor use and less likely to get damaged if they’re near something that’s generating a lot of heat (i.e., a barbecue). Plus, composite decking has a natural look that blends well with wooded areas and doesn’t require as much maintenance as other materials like cedar or pressure treated wood decks do.

Get Inspired by These Stunning Terraces

For a terrace with panoramic views of a city or ocean, try our composite decking balconies. Or, if you’re looking for a more intimate retreat, we have plenty of balconies trolleys with planter boxes and integrated lighting that will provide soft illumination in the evening hours.

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