Auto Dialer: Types & Why Is It Integral For Business

Auto dialer or auto caller is a software application used to automatically dial the bulk phone numbers in the minimum time frame. When using this, you won’t need to type each and every phone number manually and thus saves you a lot of time. There are various types of auto-calling tools available, we are going to discuss a few of them in this article. Call centers and other industries use automated calling systems because it saves time, record calls automatically, reduces the agent’s idle time, etc. This is just a high-level overview, we have elaborated on each dialer further in upcoming sections.

Type of Auto Dialers

Broadly speaking, there are three types of auto-dialers. Each one of them has distinctive features and the mode of operation is obviously outbound. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers have the ability to anticipate the active call time of agents. And based on that, it automatically dials the next phone number on the contact list. Furthermore, a predictive auto dialer also finds the right time to call a particular person. This functionality empowers you to reach the right customer at the right time. With this, the connectivity rate of agents goes up exponentially.

Most predictive dialers have algorithms that use most of the tasks and eliminate the need for guesswork. For example, it calculates the time with the highest call traffic, busy signals, out-of-service phone numbers, unanswered calls, hangups, etc. After compiling this data, the predictive dialer comes up with the right time to call a person.

Power Dialer

A power dialer or you might hear of it as a progressive dialer gives a time window to the agent so that they can decide whether they’re ready to make the next call. Unlike the predictive dialer, whose aim is to achieve a high call connect rate, a power dialer aims to connect with the maximum person. On some level, a power dialer also puts the power in agents’ hands because they can choose when they’re ready to talk to the next contact on the list.

Preview Dialer

It is one of the best on the list and we recommend you use this one. When using the preview dialer, the agents get to see detailed information about the person they are talking to. Usually, this type of dialer is integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, so agents can see the 360-degree customer information. Because of the customer information, agents can anticipate the conversation points of customers and thus provide an unparalleled customer experience. In today’s world, you should know how important personalized customer service and the preview dialer empowers you to deliver that.

Twilio Auto Dialer for SuiteCRM

Allow us to take a minute to give you an overview of our in-house developed dialer i.e. Twilio Auto Dialer for SuiteCRM. It comprises the features of all three autodialer types, so referring to it as an all-inclusive package will not be wrong. Here are the features of the Twilio dialer.

  • Automatically dial phone numbers: In just a single click, you can start auto-calling the phone numbers from the list view.
  • Set a delay time between two calls: This feature is inspired by the power dialer. It allows you to set a delay time period between two consecutive calls. An agent can use this time to gather the contact’s information or for any other purpose. This delay time is flexible and can be changed anytime.
  • Automatic call recording: All calls are recorded automatically and saved to a separate module. You can access them anytime in the CRM.
  • Take notes: While on a call with a person, you can take notes of important information and these notes will automatically attach to the history of that person.

That’s the brief information about autodialer from us. If you are interested in the product we mentioned above, you can visit our website store.outrightcrm.com. This product has a 3-day free trial with lifetime support.

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