Best Google Ad Extensions To Boost Your Campaign

Businesses will do anything to gain an advantage over rivals since online advertising is fiercely competitive, particularly in the case of PPC advertising. Because a finite amount of PPC ads can appear on each search results page, qualified clicks are valuable.

To help advertisers raise ad rank and click-through rate, Google provides a range of ad extensions. If your ad qualifies, extensions effectively give you more room on the search results page. Alternatively, extensions “provide extra reasons to click your ad,” as stated by Google Ads. Let’s study Google ad extensions and top Google ad extensions. 

What are Google ad extensions?


The phrase “the stuff you can tweak, add, and alter about your Google ad campaigns” is simply referred to as “Google ad extensions.” Google discovers that adding a new ad extension can increase CTR by 10 to 15 percent. 

Different extensions perform various functions. You can add reviews or a call button to some. Others let you include a discount or a succinct recommendation. Because of this, when you conduct a Google search, you frequently encounter sponsored results that differ from one another in appearance.

Best Google ad extensions to improve your campaigns:


  • Sitelinks


Want to change the links in your advertisement? Use the Google ad plugin for Sitelinks.

When a person clicks on your ad, you can use these extensions to encourage them to choose where they want to go rather than immediately going to your homepage or landing page. You’re responding to them even more quickly. This could be due to your efforts to make it simpler for users to find what they’re looking for.

Sitelinks can be added or removed at the account, campaign, and ad group levels. Although it might not be practicable for smaller sites, I advise connecting them to each campaign or ad group as much as possible.

Although setting up sitelinks is relatively simple, you can only use four links at once. Make sure they accurately represent your website, keep the link wording brief, and provide descriptions so visitors can see what they will learn.

Select the connections that make the most sense for your account or campaign, and then make any necessary adjustments in light of the results. 

  • Fragmented snippet


To draw attention to your offerings, services, and popular features that visitors might be searching for, use Google ad extensions. You can list a few options that visitors to your website will have if they click through. Before they ever reach your website, searchers will know who you are and what you offer.

This not only helps you give value prior to the click, but it can also help you weed out bad leads, so they don’t waste your time and money. Since you want the proper clicks, not just a lot of them, you should ensure you obtain the appropriate ones.

Here are a few things to have in mind when setting up some structured snippets for your advertisements:


  • A minimum of 3 values are required.
  • Aim for less than 12 characters on mobile for each snippet’s 25-character maximum.


  • Make Extension Calls


Want to give customers a method to call you immediately without going through the drawn-out, protracted discovery process?

A phone number and a direct calling option can be easily added to your advertisement. Use the Google Ad Extension for calling. By including that button, you let clients know you’re easily reachable by phone, which can increase their trust in you and make you seem more friendly and approachable. If your company has many locations, you may utilize location extensions and call extensions together to drive even more qualified visitors (more on this later). 

You should make the most of the fact that 63 percent of organic searches currently occur from a mobile device. Customers are more inclined to purchase from you if you simplify the process.

  • Extensions for Lead Forms


According to 61% of marketers, lead generation is their biggest difficulty. Lead sheet You can include a form in the ad using Google ad extensions to gather vital data. That might be a little bit simpler with lead shapes.


Business owners can use lead form extensions to gather data for user interest surveys, feedback gathering, and customer service inquiries.


The contact form Customers are more likely to interact with your business and convert thanks to Google ad extensions. They only need to click on a link to access a Google-hosted website where the content details are already filled out.


Lead forms can be used in display, video, discovery, and search ad campaigns. Google lets you download leads that have been collected as.CSV files and keeps them on file for up to 30 days.


This information can help you comprehend how clients interact with your organization. Using this data, you may create marketing funnels or a remarketing list for a more focused strategy. Doing this may build more successful campaigns by giving your PPC marketing strategy more attention. 

  • Location extension


The Google ad add-ons are quite basic. Since 46 percent of all Google searches are for local information, they allow you to include your real address in the advertisement, which can produce impressive results. Do as instructed on the package.


This is excellent for companies that rely on client visits in person. Thanks to location extensions, customers can locate and learn how to visit you more easily.

There is one more advantage. Even online-only companies can benefit from location extensions.


Including your address in paid advertising campaigns is a good idea to demonstrate your company’s credibility. People are more inclined to trust your business if you are upfront and truthful about who you are, where you operate, and how to contact you.

Your business becomes more individualized and concrete using the location Google ad extension. It should be no surprise that people favor PPC companies that appear authentic; hence, being sincere will increase your chances of getting customers. 

  • Affiliate location extension


When customers are looking for your products, they can assist you in reaching them. You should use Google ad extensions if you’re a producer or retailer offering goods in stores. Affiliate locations are available.


Google will provide the closest location where the product is sold using the affiliate location extension, either as an address or on a map.

According to studies, 76% of customers who use their mobile devices to conduct local searches visit a physical business within a day. Making sure clients get the correct information—including the location—when looking for your products is crucial for this reason.


Affiliated with It’s simple to set up Google ad extensions, which give the impression that your company is more accessible and makes it simpler for clients to make a purchase decision. 


Ad extensions are a great way to boost your campaign and make it more successful. In this article, we have discussed the best Google ad extensions to boost your campaigns’ sales and leads.


Swati Sharma, writer by day and an avid reader by night. Owing to her passion for her profession, she loves to stay updated about the current & emerging trends in the digital marketing and IT industry.

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