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Best Program to Open MDF File – Most Reliable Free Software

Summary: In this article, we are going to explore the best & reliable program to open MDF file with ease. We recently got this software for our purpose & then we decided to make a review of this tools well as its tutorial guide. This guide includes the step-by-step tutorial & features of the tool. Moreover, the manual solutions & their drawbacks are also there to know why these aren’t the ideal solutions.

SQL Server is one of the finest Database management systems & holding the 3rd latest userbase in this field. However, it is clear, that several users are moving to other platforms for better features, database management, services, etc. In such cases, without SQL Server, they need to open their MDF data files but do not have any tool. This is why users need free software to open MDF file to save resources & efforts.

Evidently, we’re here to provide users with the best ever solution that can easily help them in getting desired results. The solution we are going to mention is full of advanced features that are necessary as per the fast-evolving technology. We are hoping that users can easily get their expected results if they read this entire guide till the end. 

Free Software to Open MDF File – Learn the Step-by-Step Tutorial

The best solution that we have is the automated solution. It’s named so because it can perform the majority of tasks automatically. Users just need to give it the directions. The miraculous reason for this is the involvement of AI technology, and complex programming & advanced technology. No other software is equipped with such unique features as this tool.

If you want to open your MDF file, then simply Download the Safest SQL Database Viewer Software. Then just go through the steps stated below with their respective images. Do not skip any of the steps if you want to avoid mishappenings.

Step-1. Run the Software & then Select the Open button to add your MDF files.

step-1 program to open MDF file

Step-2. Choose either the Quick or Advance Scan option to detect corruption.


Step-3. Wait for a few minutes while the software scans your MDF data files.


Step-4. Finally, you just have to Click on the Ok button to finish the task.


Manual Program to Open MDF File – Know All the Manual Solutions

There are several solutions available that are manual but these are not our recommendations as they involve several risk factors as well. There are approx three solutions available manually that we are listing below.

The SQL Server Management Studio

Users can use the SSMS for viewing their data files. This utility is mainly designed for the managing of SQL Server like updating data, deleting data, etc. However, users have to connect their application with the SQL Server instance.

Microsoft Visual Studio Application

Now, the Microsoft Visual Studio is there for users to create & manage, apps, programs, websites, etc. This is not a direct method & all users are not aware of its technicalities. Still, users can indirectly use this free software to open MDF file.

The T-SQL Command Line Method

The final & most basic solution which is the T-SQL method is also there for users. This method requires users to run the commands for each & every action. Users need to be technically proficient in order to execute this method or it may even wipe out the entire data files from the database.

Why Manual Methods Are Not Worth It? Know the Reason

The manual solution that we have are full of risks. Moreover, there are several other drawbacks also that make it not a decent option to select. We are mentioning some of these factors here below in order to provide users with complete information on the potential risks & drawbacks.

  • Not at All 360° Secure
    Manual solutions are not secure & possess several risks. Users may lose their data files or end up corrupting them. Data is the most significant asset of any organization nowadays. Hence, users should take all the safety measures in advance.
  • More Time Consuming
    This solution is time-consuming and takes longer than the automated method. Time is money in business & this is why it is inefficient for users to select these manual methods. It’s better to opt for something else rather than investing your time.
  • Outdated User Interface
    The manual program to open MDF file is outdated. The user interface is outdated & new users can not get maximum productivity with the outdated UI. Moreover, several advanced features are also lacking here.
  • The Complex Procedure
    It’s difficult to execute the entire manual procedure because of the involvement of complex technicalities. Manual procedures are hectic, involve confusing commands & make it difficult for users to get their desired results.
  • No Guarantee of Results
    There is no surety for users that even after the successful execution of the entire process, they will get the desired results. In case of failure, investing all the efforts & resources makes no sense.

The Final Say

In the end, we are going to pass our final judgment. After going through all the above aspects, we consider the automated tool as the best program to open MDF file. Having such a free utility will help you get the best results with utmost security. Safety of the files is most important & this is why this solution is always best.

If you are planning to consider the manual solution, then you may consider them as a secondary option. This will let users prepare a proper master plan for this operation. Be careful with the risk factors & don’t mess up using false solutions.

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