After a long day at work, nobody wants to come back to a sultry and suffocating home. Nor does anyone want to do laundry in a humid basement every weekend. Thanks to hi-tech home appliances, you can avoid both these unenviable situations. Dehumidifiers and humidity data loggers can come to your rescue if you are trying to regulate and monitor humidity levels in your residential space. With these installed in your home, you can freely say no to dealing with humidity. Of course, before you make a purchase, you might have several questions on which you want clarification. Let’s look at some common concerns, and help you become team ‘anti-humidity’!
Why do I need to steer clear of high humidity in my living space?
Places with higher than average humidity levels can cause serious problems. If you live in a space with high humidity for so long, you are likely to experience:
  • Sheer discomfort, overheating and excessive sweating, leading to loss of hydration
  • Extreme health concerns like regular fatigue, fainting fits, and heat strokes
  • Increased chances of having asthma attacks for people who suffer from the disease
  • Greater risk of mold and bacteria growth and contamination
  • Damage to electronic and mechanical objects due to increased corrosion and rust
  • Humidity is an enemy to you and everything and everyone you live with. This is why equipment like temperature and humidity data loggers have become so popular. 
How do I reduce the humidity level in my basement or living space?
If high humidity is something you are grappling with, there’s good news for you. Leading home appliances manufacturers can equip you with tools to regulate and monitor humidity levels in your living space and basement. You can invest in a quality dehumidifier.
The best service providers can hook you up with specialized dehumidifiers that work best in specific parts of the house. The TTK-E-S series is renowned for its superior quality. Some popular models within the series include the TTK 24 E, TTK 40E, TTK 100E, and TTK 122E.
You can also buy a whole house dehumidifier. These dehumidify the entire house when it remains close for a long time. So, whether you decide to hit the road or live at some other place, you never have to worry about being welcomed by mold growth and a musty smell.
For basements, invest in a basement dehumidifier. These machines target the high humidity levels in the basement. You can choose between condensation dehumidifiers or desiccant dehumidifiers. If you have a small basement, go for the TTK 40E model. For dehumidifiers for bigger rooms, opt for the DH 110 AX model. 
Wi-Fi-controlled dehumidifiers are also a smart choice. You get to control the machine from anywhere in the house, making it easier to regulate humidity levels in your home. 
Is there a way to monitor and record humidity levels in my home?
A temperature and humidity data logger is your solution in this regard. These machines help you record and monitor humidity levels easily. Data loggers come with alarm systems and high-precision sensors that alert you to the existing humidity and temperature levels at a given place. Having a fair idea of your home’s humidity and temperature range can help you pick the perfect dehumidifier. You can look for the iMini series. These humidity data loggers also monitor temperature, accomplishing two tasks at once. The iLog series is also a reliable and well-known model, more suitable for cases where you need to monitor temperature and humidity accurately. 


1. Can I install my dehumidifier at the ground level?
     You can do that if you have a high-capacity dehumidifier.
2. What size rooms are suitable for the TTK 24 E Comfort series?
     This model works best for rooms that are up to 15 sq. meters. 

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