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Bridal makeup artist at home or beauty studio

The makeup industry is revolutionizing itself in various ways. Whether they are new products made into the market or the techniques and tools adding more dimensions to it. With this change, MUA at home has challenged years old tradition of walking into a beauty studio and makeover. Lately, people have been confusing themselves trying to pick between bridal makeup artist at home or beauty studios. Therefore, here we are answering which one you may opt for, a bridal makeup artist at home or a beauty studio.

Let’s have a look at them one by one. 

  1. Bridal makeup artist at home/venue.

For the past few years, people have begun a new saga of inviting the MUA to their homes/venues. If the people are inviting bridal makeup artists at home then it must be beneficial to them. But, how exactly? Let us look at the various factors which put people in a favorable position by inviting MUAs to their venues.

  • Convenient

The to-be brides already have a lot of running to do. At least, having a bridal makeup artist at home/venue can lessen one of their worries. The trend is catching up lately as people are getting aware of the real ease of an MUA at home. With a bridal makeup artists, they have more control over their time which can be used effectively. The MUA and the team take care of the bride, her hairdo, her dress, and her jewelry. It becomes so easy that the bride can just relax

The bookings are so easy that a couple of clicks on the mobile phone are enough. On your convenient date and time, you can call the MUA up and receive a session of a makeover. 

  • Discuss your concerns

The MUA coming to your home/venue are quite sympathetic. You can discuss if you have any qualms about the makeup. Or if you are concerned with your skin type and might be wondering if the MUA will deliver results. Brides have a lot of questions about their makeovers. It makes sense as it is literally the biggest day of their lives and they want to be sure. 

The MUA before coming to your home listens to your problems and concerns. He/she directs you in the best possible way and can even give you a detailed talk on a video call. The MUA starts by resolving the issues/concerns prior to makeup.

  • Saves time

Getting a makeup artist at home saves you a ton of time. Brides are spared from spending time traveling to a beauty makeover studio. They also do not have to face any waiting queue as there usually are clients in line for makeovers. They save all of this time which they can use for some other constructive purposes. 

Brides can also go shopping as there is always something to shop for and make yourself look better. You may even choose to spend it with your friends or family, chit-chatting or talking. Or maybe dedicating the time all to yourself having a nice escapade before the wedding starts to roll in. 

  • Can’t be late

With your makeover at the venue, you already are at the venue. It is a clear blessing as you just cannot be late since you have already arrived. The MUA delivers the makeover service and there you go. You simply have to dress yourself up and that is it. You are pin perfect and all set to attend the event. 

  • Focus is on you

You are literally the only person the MUA would perform makeovers on. As there is no one whom you have to wait for and nor is anyone after you. This allows the MUA to work in peace and under no constraint. With this, the ability to conquer just piles up as all the focus is concentrated on just the art. In addition to this, chances are that you are the only person in the room with MUA. This gives a peaceful environment which automatically yields an exotic makeover.

  • No driving through the traffic

Everyone is well aware of the condition of traffic. Getting stuck in traffic, especially when you are traveling for an event or a wedding is a nightmare. When you book yourself a makeover artist, you unknowingly are subscribing to bliss. You spare yourself from the agony of an angel stuck in traffic.

  1. Beauty studio

We have covered all about having a bridal makeup artist at home. Now, let us have a look at going to a beauty studio for a makeover.

  • Can be inconvenient

Traveling, straight away, is never a convenience that anyone seeks. This is very much the case with anyone going to a beauty studio to get a makeover. The mere thought of traffic alone is enough to postpone the thought and put it away indefinitely. You have to go to this important wedding/event and driving through the traffic for a makeover is not appealing to anyone. 

  • Cost

The cost of any sort of makeover is quite high. It is simply because you are not only charged for the makeover itself, but the cost of surroundings also adds up to the total. The cost may be as high as four times in comparison of getting a pro makeup artist at home. This is not acceptable by anyone but is something that everyone has to subscribe to. 

  • Discuss your concern

Brides-to-be always have something to discuss or clear a few things regarding makeovers. They naturally want to talk to the concerned MUA who will be doing their makeover. Oftentimes, the soon-to-be brides are not able to talk to them simply because the assistant/junior associates create a wall. This wall does not allow the to-be brides to talk to the concerned MUA directly and everything is rather directed to the juniors. This can be quite appalling as, during the time of making an appointment, they express a completely rosy picture. Beauty studio and MUA, all exhibit free access to them initially. But soon after paying the booking amount upfront the real picture is visible pretty well. 

With non-discussion of issues before the makeover day, some issues are bound to crop up. As a result, you have to feel content with the kind of makeover you receive, since you can’t do anything. 

  • You spend extra time

With an appointment in a beauty studio, you are among all those brides who booked themselves as well. Usually, there are only two pro MUAs at a given time in a beauty studio. And with so many brides crowded up on the same day and time for makeovers, it is quite overwhelming. Because of this, it results in chaos. Almost every bride wants to be treated first for the makeovers, but so cannot happen. That is why they have to wait for their turn to come. This again results in wastage of a lot of time. 

  • You can be late

When so many brides are there for their makeover, there are chances of getting late. There is some time that has to be dedicated to one makeover at the very least. No matter how much time the MUAs try to save by hushing up with the makeup, they can’t cater to all in the time allotted. Which results in brides becoming anxious as the time of the event draws close. Even if you request, there is little that the MUAs can do about the situation. And you simply are there at their mercy. 

  • Ruining your makeup

When the MUAs are running short of time as explained above, they have to speed up the process. The process of speeding up is not that cool when it comes to art. The makeover is an art and art takes time to reflect its beauty. If you rush up with it, you can expect similar results. And when the MUA starts to make haste in order to get over with all the clients, they often disappoint. The disappointment is clearly visible on some people’s faces but their courtesy does not allow them to speak up. And that is when they have to accept their fate and resign from there. 

  • The unwelcoming roads

Everyone is aware of the treacherous traffic. It gets worse when it is the wedding season. Thousands of people are getting married on the same day and a hundred thousand are invitees. This leads to the swarming of vehicles leading to massive traffic. This is a situation that no one wants to be caught up in but they usually do get caught up. 

Now, everything boils down to which one you should opt for. It is all a matter of personal preference and you may choose one which you feel is the best. They both have their own merits and demerits. But it is quite clear to see that inviting a professional makeover artist saves you from unnecessary hassles. You get to have a perfect makeover done without stepping outside. And from the point of view of spending, it saves you a lot of cash which definitely comes in handy. This money can be used wisely for other purposes and can help you be within your budget. 

Still, the option of choice is available to all in general. Whether you go to a beauty studio or choose a bridal makeup artist at home would always be your final call. Though you can always come back to this article if you want to refresh yourself. 

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