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Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Most Appropriate Tiles For Your Home

Tiles are among the most sought-after flooring options that are used today. They are not only strong as well as durable; concrete bathroom tile and bathroom tiles in London provide your home with a stylish style.

Clean and easy to maintain they are available in a variety of designs and colours which easily blend into the décor of your house.

Different Kinds Of Tile

Ceramic Tiles

Tile showroom London is available in glaze (polished) as well as unglazed styles. Ceramic tiles with glazes are plain or decorated and can be utilised on walls and floors.

Cement/Concrete Tiles

Concrete bathroom tile are extremely durable and sturdy and durable, which is why they are ideal for exterior flooring and driveways. Because they lack an even surface, they provide an excellent grip even in wet conditions.

Terracotta Tiles

They are extremely tough and water-resistant. They’re glaze to give a variety in colour and add toughness. They can be use for walls and floors even though they are typically prefer in the living space but they can also be use as roof tiles.

Mosaic Tiles

Are the tiles small from natural stone, porcelain glass, or ceramic? They are available in glaze or unglaze varieties and are an excellent option to bring colour to your space without looking clutter. They are typically place in bathrooms and kitchens.

Natural Stone Tiles

It includes marble, granite, and limestone to mention just a few. They could be durable or non-durable based on the materials. Materials like marble and granite are suitable for the living area as well as for kitchen or bathroom counters.

Vitrified Tiles

They are to be durable and impervious to scratches, staining and acid. They are inexpensive and come in a range of colours, and can be utilise in any space.

Quarry Tiles

The best tile shops in London are strong and durable and can be utilised indoors as well as outdoors. They are among the most durable options for flooring and are most often use in kitchens.

Selecting The Appropriate Kind Of Tile

Select large tiles for living spaces and think about smaller tiles for guest and bedroom rooms. Choose to match the interiors when choosing the tiles you want for your space. Grey and ivory-colored tiles will look great on your flooring, and while doing so they will blend in with your design.

Find bright-colored floor tiles that give your bathroom a unique look. Be sure they have an excellent grip and an anti-skid matte surface. For walls, you could choose shiny or satin-textured tiles. They are simple to clean and maintain.

Install non-skid tiles on the kitchen floor. The most popular colours are brown or gold since hard scratches and stains won’t be evident on the tiles. Tiles with glossy finishes are ideal for walls as they are very easy to clean.

Choose earthy or dark tiles for your corridors because they’re areas with high traffic. Dark colours can disguise grime and wear and wear.

Mosaic Tiles London

Picking Tiles In Accordance With The Size Of The Room


Tiles made of ceramic are the best choice for bathrooms. Ceramic tiles with glazes work great for bathroom walls, but not flooring as they could be slippery when they are.

Make use of natural stones such as slate, granite or sandstone instead. They are safer to walk on if wet as they provide a good grip. The options above are durable and elegant designs.

Mix and match to create the ideal bathroom. You can add colour to the bathroom with borders to your bathroom tiles. Colourful patterns or bright colours on the tiles can do amazing things for your bathroom. While tiles are available in a variety of dimensions, it’s best to go with a smaller size.

Living Room

In the living area, it is possible to choose any of the ceramic tiles available as well as natural stones. Terracotta tiles, Italian marble tiles, as well as porcelain are the most preferred option these days.

The marble’s texture and design are ideal for a huge and spacious living room and a smaller space can be embellish with Terracotta tiles. It will give personality and warmth to your living space.


It is recommend to use ceramic tiles for kitchens. They are long-lasting and available in a range of patterns and colours. Pick tile warehouse London that is sturdy and scratch-resistant, as kitchens are considered places that are frequented by people.

Mix the units and interiors in the kitchen by choosing flooring and wall tile. Opt for smaller tiles for the kitchen with a small space and larger tiles for larger spaces.

How To Purchase Tile

There is a myriad of options for tile, and it may seem daunting when you begin looking for it. Like any other new material you’ll find in your home, it is best to have some helpful suggestions to be aware of that can assist you in determining what you require, so you can choose the right tile.

The most effective way to begin the shopping for tiles is to determine the space and the area where the tile is to be place (floor or wall shower and so on. )

After you have figured that out, you need to take a look at the grades and ratings of the tiles to be certain that the tile you choose is the right one for your area. The last step after you’ve decided on the tile you prefer is to get samples and determine how many tiles you’ll need to purchase.

It may seem to be a lot to think about and consider however, we’re here to assist and explain it all to you to help you get the most out of the process.

The Location Of The Tile

The procedure for how to purchase tile starts with the space. While tile is a fantastic and durable flooring choice, however, various kinds of tile might be more suitable for your specific project, based on the area.

The first thing to consider should be the particular space you’ll be renovating using tile. For instance, if you’re performing renovations to the shower area, then a tile with a texture is better than a plain tile which becomes very slippery after wet.

In a room like an entryway, the tile with a texture is more difficult to clean than a smooth tile. If you have a lot of traffic in your home durable, long-lasting porcelain that resists chipping and scratching is an excellent option.

If you’re considering ceramic tiles, be sure you keep them indoors as it’s more porous, and will not last as long in harsh elements – you can get the picture.

Find The Location

The next thing you should do is to measure your space, which will aid in the final step of the procedure – which is, determining the amount of tile you want to order.

For each space you wish to tile, take measurements of the width and length of the space in feet. You can then multiply that by two to calculate the actual amount of square footage in your space.

Colour & Pattern

The colour of your walls affects the general mood of your space and this makes picking the right colour extremely important. 

Darker tiles can add warmth however; make sure you have an open space with plenty of light to prevent the tile’s colour from obscuring the overall colour scheme of your space.

Tile Ratings And Grades

A simple method of thinking about the concept is to think of it as a grade or grade 1 signifying that tiles are more prone to dents or scratches while the grade 5 large bathroom tiles are thought to be more durable and more resistant to damage to surfaces.

The choice of a stylish pattern for your flooring could be the next best option for your floor or wall backsplash, or even your bathroom. Today tile shop London is offered a variety of designs that will complement the decor of your home.



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