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Confidentiality system for essay writing service

In the current era, personal information reselling is rampant. Suppose the essay writing website do my essay cheap: does not have a strict personal information protection system after the service is completed.

In that case, international students are feared because of leakages of information, and institutions will also sell this information to make huge profits. It is not allowed.

Therefore, “Can a professional essay writing website keep the information strictly confidential” is also one of the assessment criteria.

1. When a novice researcher learns about a new research field?

Should he first read extensively to build a knowledge structure, or should he intensively read a high-level article first from an authentic essay writing service?

Professor Ma Zhen from Fudan University: 

There is no fixed answer to this. As long as you understand the literature, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the order. As a student, I couldn’t read high-level articles at first,

So I just read the 4-page conference paper in English, then read the paper and the long article sent by the author together.

I became more in a state of being able to read. Beginners can read original scientific research papers (experimental papers) in combination with popular reviews in the field.

no matter which one is read first, which one is read later, or interleaved (that is, read some original articles, then read a few reviews, and then Read the new original article), so you can enter the state.

Also, combine intensive and extensive reading. Combine literature reading with group meeting presentations.

2. Sometimes, there is a lot of reference content reported in the group meeting.

How to select the core content, that is, which parts of this document should be selected as the focus of the group meeting report?

Grasp the main clues – what methods did others use, what did they do, and what results did they get? Before this central part, add “research background,” that is, why others do this research.

After the central part, briefly state the meaning of the article (or what inspired you), what you think is unclear, and what you can do in the future.

In this way, you not only speak about other people’s things but also show your thinking. When speaking, pay attention to details, especially when time is limited.

For example, if you talk about what other people have proved, you only need to describe 1-2 pieces of evidence in appropriate detail and then say, “What else did they do?”

Just flip through the PPT quickly. If the audience has questions, they will naturally stop or ask questions during the discussion.

3. When reading the literature, you will encounter representations you have not been exposed to.

How much time should you spend on this part of the content? How to quickly understand the meaning behind the representation?

You can learn the principle of this representation and the meaning of this diagram in a targeted manner, and then you will understand it later. Of course, you can also passively accept the author’s conclusions and interpretation of the data. when you get used to it you will understand.

4. To carry out a new research direction. After the preliminary literature research.

I couldn’t understand English literature. Can I use a translation assistant in the early stage of reading the literature? Will this be detrimental to improving your English?

It’s okay to look up words, but it’s not good to translate the whole text into Chinese. To read a doctorate or a master’s degree, you need to be able to read literature in English. Step by step, read a few more articles, and you will naturally get used to it.

5. I am now in the first grade. When I research new topics.

I don’t have a good grasp of the problems that need to be solved in a specific direction. When I read the review, I felt that many problems had been solved, and I didn’t know where to start.

Regarding a specific issue, the thinking is somewhat limited, and there is no innovative idea. Do you have any good suggestions for investigating new topics?

Professor Ma Zhen from Fudan University: When you have no idea where to start, you should have some foreign aid “pre-input” or “set the tone.” Perhaps your mentors and seniors have a better idea of ​​the general direction of the subject so that you can seek their help.

Especially senior brother, there are some preliminary experiments to know which road has gold and which road is the fire pit. Moreover, scientific research is generally done under the existing conditions of the laboratory.

It is best to follow a particular system and think rather than jump out of the scope of the research group to start a new one. It is not impossible to start a new stove.

Combining intensive and extensive reading

You should also read specific articles in detail and skip to read articles that are not related, or even just read the title and abstract and put them aside. General articles to understand the general meaning and main ideas. Good articles and directly related articles should be read intensively.

In addition to understanding the specific meaning, you also need to figure out how the experiment is carried out, how to get the pictures, what these pictures are about, and how to get from the pictures to the specific ones. In conclusion, how is the data analyzed, and what is wrong with this article?

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