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Certificates are attested when authorized individuals, departments, or authorities witness the document and sign and stamp it with their official seal. Additionally, this attestation attests to the authenticity of the seal and signature on the specific certificate and the fact that it was issued by the department listed. Many people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) require document verification for various reasons.
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Businesses may demand that applicants have their transcripts and diplomas confirmed in order to verify their academic credentials. However, attestation and notarization are topics that people regularly have questions about. Others generally have little to no awareness of Dubai’s attestation services, while some are aware of the distinction but still have specific questions about it. The MoFA attestation process is typically necessary in the UAE to verify the validity of crucial documents and certifications needed for immigration, jobs, studies, medical care, and other purposes.


Keep a few things in mind before going to the UAE MoFA to verify your documents.

  1. The MoFA will accept only original documents; copies that have been copied or laminated will not be accepted.
  2. The data on the documents needs to be accurate.
  3. Foreign nationals must have their documents attested by the Embassy or Consulate in their place of residency or the country in which they were issued before applying to MoFA UAE for document attestation.


Requests to certify specific documents are sent between the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The tasks that must be completed in the UAE are listed below as a guide.  You can also visit Apostille certificate Attestation in uae for more information.

First, send the notary fee

At least two originals and other supporting originals of the specific paperwork must be shown (such as a passport or Emirates ID). Both English and Arabic must be employed when composing Particular Specific works, and it would be better to ensure that they are both translated and legally certified. You’ll need to meet with two Notaries once you’re inside, so you’ll need two tokens. The first Notary will check your paperwork, after which they will have a second Notary look it over and compare your signatures.

You will be instructed to pay AED 110 at the counter for each notarization after conversing with both notaries. In conclusion, if someone needs their documents certified, they should go to the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Dubai Notary Public Courts. The second notary will retain one of the original copies of your document(s), and you can pick it up there. Getting your documents checked after work is rarely an issue because most offices are open until eight at night.

Step 2:- Visiting the Ministry of Justice

When visiting the Ministry of Justice, you have two choices: you can either go there personally or send someone else. Before your documents may be submitted to be stamped, you must pay AED 52 for the required stamp.

Step 3: Certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mofa Attestation)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp is required at this stage. Different documents have different prices.

Businesses that deal with multilingual clients frequently need to interpret legal papers. Legal translations may be required in several circumstances, including submitting an application for a local business license, getting permission to merge with another company, or hiring contract workers.

Some of the Cheap Attestation services in Dubai are:-

  • GloboPrime Attestation Services- OFFICE NO: 411 Abdulla Al Fahad Building 2 – near Al Twar Centre – Al Qusais 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Highbiz Attestation Services- Al Tawhidi Building 1, Office #502 Near Burjuman Metro Station, Burdubai, Dubai, UAE – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
  • ATTESTATION SERVICES CENTER AL BARSHA- 35WC+V5X – Barsha Heights – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
  • Leads Attestation- SF04, Dubai Shopping Center, Street # 8, port Saeed, Near Deira City Centre Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


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