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Since the pandemic, people are becoming more and more open to shopping, traveling, partying, etc. and fashion has become a must for everyone. In this world full of trending things, Block printed shirts have also made their way into the men’s fashion market.

Men’s fashion has now become a vast market comparing the 90s.In the early days, men were happy wearing a simple shirt or t-shirt with denim or pant. But now, they expect to find more and more colors, patterns, designs, and categories for themselves.

In accordance with today’s men’s fashion trends, here are a few things to remember while searching for a Block printed shirt for men.

Top 7 brands with the best block printed shirts for men

1. Raj Mohar 

Raj Mohar is a one-stop destination for men’s wear with a wide range of products like Printed shirts, Kurtas, T-shirts, and many other apparels offering the best value-for-money products to its consumers.

It is one of the fastest growing e-commerce brands in India creating a style signature with its unique modern designs with a royal touch. 

2. Tistabene

Tistabene is one of the best websites to shop for men’s wear, known for its ultimate collection of Jaipuri Printed Shirts available in many different fabrics like Silk, Giza Cotton, Linen, Crepe, and many more. Offering the best in terms of quality with a huge and exclusive range of designs and prints.

Along with the fame in the Printed shirts market, the brand is also making its way to the competitive market with its Co-ord sets, Jeans, T-shirts, Joggers, and many more.

Tistabene also owns some child brands for different niches which are:

  1. Tarefaan – For women Apparels 
  2. Luxe Home – For your Home Furnishings 
  3. Jewelry Dekho – For Gold Plated Jewelries.

3. Snitch 

Who doesn’t know the name Snitch, It’s one of the leading brands in India specializing in Men’s Apparel and also awarded Brand of the year for 2022. It’s a one-stop destination to enhance your stunning looks.

Provides you with the biggest collection of men’s apparel and recently the brand is also trying to make its way to the perfume market with its exclusive range. 

4. Khankudi

Creating a unique fashion symbol, Khankudi is known for its exclusive range of stylish shirts for men and formal shirts, with an artistic and designer touch to men’s fashion. Creating unique innovative styles with an artistic touch of Indian and western culture.

The brand is also known for its reasonable prices and hassle-free online shopping experience, providing you with the best quality in its price range.

5. Rare Rabbit

Who doesn’t know the name of this big brand, providing an exclusive range of men’s apparel? Yes, It’s The House OF Rare. Rare Rabbit has made its way to people’s hearts with its amazing quality and creative designs. 

And has become a fav for Bollywood actors too, many celebs have been captured wearing the brand apparel.

6. Neele Dhaage

A Rajasthani-based brand exclusively known for hand-block printed shirts. The brand opened the doors for 1500+ artisans from the village Bagru, Rajasthan to sell their products directly to the consumers. 

7. Vastrado

The brand has become one of the fastest growing apparel brands having a huge collection for men, women, and kids too. Their unique 365 days sale strategy attracts more and more consumers.

They have an exclusive range of clothes for every occasion and for everyone. Whether you want something formal or you need something for chill weekends, they cover it all.

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