Dayara Bugyal Trek: Beginners Guide


As we all know that trekking is becoming one of the most trendy adventurous activities in recent days, so today I am going to tell you about one such trekking destination i.e. the Dayara Bugyal trek.


Due to its abundance of snow, Uttarakhand, where Dayara Bugyal Trek is located, is frequently compared to a fairyland. Winter paints a whole new, breathtaking picture of the Dayara Bugyal Trek. The grass, rocks, and trees are all covered with snow. During the winter, the meadows that contribute to the lush foliage during other seasons turn white, giving it a distinctive but entrancing appearance.


In comparison to the other trip destinations, this one has established its own identity. It is recommended for those who are trying it out for the first time because it is renowned to be an easy walk. So make sure that you are healthy enough for the trek and maintain yourselves for the sake of enjoying this beautiful and mesmerising trekking experience.

How to reach this  place of trekking:

It is not difficult to go to this breathtaking hiking location because it is reachable by all kinds of transportation, including air, rail, and road. The best form of transportation to choose entirely relies on your travel preferences and your financial situation.


By Air: 

Dehradun is the nearest city to Dayar Bugyal which has an airport. So if you want to travel by air then you will be travelling till Dehradun. Road transportation from the airport is relatively simple because both private and public transportation options are offered.


By Rail: 

It would be more convenient to arrive at New Delhi Railway Station first if you are planning to travel by train. Purchase a Nanda Devi Express train ticket from New Delhi and arrive at the Haridwar train station by 4 am. Take a bus or a personal taxi to Barsu village, which is where the Dayara Bugyal walk begins.


By Road: 

Getting a bus in New Delhi from ISBT Kashmere Gate is simple because of the regular buses that run from this location. 


Dayara Bugyal is an excellent first-time trek; in fact, it can be utilised as a pre-trek to acclimate to the challenges of high-altitude trekking. Although there are no difficult sections, a few of the trek’s stages can be difficult. 


This is why we suggest it as a journey to plenty of novices, families, and even people who begin trekking later in life.


Perfect timing  for the trek:

Dayara Bugyal is a trek that is accessible all year round, barring the rainy season. As a result, the walk is accessible and wonderful for about 8 months out of the year.


Without the monsoons, Dayara Bugyal has four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Every season has its charm and attractiveness.

During winters:

This is a place not less than heaven for people who love snow. When covered in white snow, the landscape changes colour once more. A hint of the holiday season is present as soft, powdery snowflakes hang limply from the pine trees. Perfect for snowball fights and, with any hope, seeing snowfall. Although snow might appeal to your conscience, it certainly does increase the difficulty of the trek. So, if you’re travelling in the winter, be sure to prepare.

During spring:

Dayara experiences spring from the middle of March till the end of April. While the grass starts to grow green in the lower meadows, the snow starts to melt in the upper reaches. The flora of the region flourishes during this time.


Up until mid-April, the upper reaches of the Dayara meadows are typically covered in snow.


An excellent time to see colour contrasts on the meadows is in the spring. You simultaneously perceive snow, vegetation, and the hue of flowers.

During summers:


In the summer, the Dayara Bugyal walk is warm. Imagine lush, green meadows getting burned by the sun.


Additionally, there is a distinct summer scent in the air, especially when you hike through the oak and maple tree shadows.


Due to the high levels of dust and pollen in the air during this time, the environment also becomes hazier. As a result, your thoughts might not be as clear as they are in the fall. But on a clear day, you can view the majestic snow-capped Alps.


Brief planning of the route:

Day-1 :Dehradun to Natin

Once you reach Dehradun, your trekking trip will start. Today you will be travelling to a village called nation which is the starting point or base of the Dayara Bugyal trip. 

Day 2: Natin to Gui

You will stay at a  homestay for the first night at Natin. On the second day, you will be trekking for almost 4-5 hours without any rest but you will forget all your fatigue from the scenic beauty of the mountains and the forest during your trek.

Day 3: Gui  to chilpada

Today is a relatively easy day for the trek as today you will be travelling a smaller distance than the previous day. Today you will be having a view of grand mountains and a  stream of water during your trek.

Day-4 : Chilpada to  Dayara and then to Nayata

Today is the day when you will be reaching the top summit of the trek and then returning to the campsite. You can get a glimpse of some ice patches in the mountains and  will surely have a  refreshing moment there.

Day-5 :Nayata to Natin village

Today is the day when your trek comes to an end and you will descend back to Natin village. You will be trekking down for almost 3 hrs while covering a distance of 5 km and then staying at Natin village for the rest of the day.

Day-6: Back to Dehradun

Today you can depart from Natin village and then either go to Dehradun or visit nearby places of your interest.


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