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Develop Blockchain Games Based on Ethereum Using the EtherMon Clone

NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. People are going crazy over these new, developing technologies, which are taking the world by storm. NFT games are among the most popular passive incomes recognised by young people today since they allow players to play and earn. One game that’s drawing in all the NFT nerds out there is the Ethereum-based blockchain game Ethermon.

People are flocking to these blockchain-based games, and among young entrepreneurs, NFT game development is popular. Are you a driven blockchain enthusiast seeking a chance to introduce an NFT game? Then the Ethermon clone is here to fulfil all of your fantasies. The information you need to know about creating an NFT game is provided below.


Why are NFT games popular?

Blockchain-based non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, grant unique rights to digital assets. You are the sole owner of a digital asset that is listed on the blockchain if you own an NFT of a digital image, for example. As soon as it has been recorded using smart contracts, it cannot be altered or hacked.


Players will utilise characters, accessories, and other tradable collections that can be minted into NFTs while playing video games. Players can buy or sell these transferable gaming assets to other players in game-fi or game-finance and so get a passive income. A Play-to-earn approach is another option offered by some games. In these kinds of games, the more people play, the more incentives they receive. Another game that enables users to make money while playing is Ethermon.


A debut NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain

The first NFT game ever created on the Ethereum blockchain is called Ethermon. The players in this game must raise and train monsters before using them in combat. These ethermons are available for purchase by players from both the official store and other players.

These mons have six characteristics. Those are


  • Health
  • Initial assault
  • Second assault
  • Initial defence
  • Secondary protection
  • Speed

Because each mon is distinctive in its own way, the rarity system will divide these creatures into five groups. The levels of rarity are common, uncommon, rare, legend, and mythic. Only 10 mythic mons exist, and they are the most expensive and potent in the ecosystem. Ethermon features two game modes: player vs. player auto-battle mode and adventure mode. Users can participate in these auto-battle tournaments straight in the browser. Ethermon is still developing its smartphone application.


How can Ethermon Clone allow users to make money?

EMON is the native token of Ethermon, which players acquire through game play. As was already noted, it uses a play-to-earn system that gives players incentives in proportion to how much time they spend interacting with the mons. Here, gamers can play and earn MARK, an in-game currency or token. The players can exchange these MARK tokens for EMON tokens by selling or burning them. Either the game or the market are options for selling them. Through this EMON coin, gamers can purchase Ethermons, gear, accessories, and other asset packs.


A Metaverse clone of Ethermon

With NFT games right now, metaverse is the hottest thing. In the 3D virtual environment known as the Metaverse, users can communicate with one another using 3D avatars exactly like they would in the real world. Decentraland served as Ethermon’s portal into the metaverse.


Players can take advantage of new gameplay types and skill-based battles here. The players must travel to a predetermined place in order to find and engage in combat with other Ethermons. In Decentraland, the game is gradually expanding, and players are eager to acquire NFTs so they may share the metaverse. NFT games in the metaverse, like Ethermon, are receiving the most attention despite other metaverse games.


Why should your Ethermon clone be launched?

Our experts created and tested Ethermon clone as a white-label product that is accessible to your innovation. That is, you can upgrade the game to meet your needs, add new features, and modify or change its current features and qualities. NFT game development is the one hot trend that people are favouring with the growth in the use of blockchain technology. Besides blockchain, another popular movement among techies is metaverse technology. Blockchain and the metaverse will interact thanks to our Ethermon clone.


An NFT game’s creation from scratch could take a long time and involve several resources. White-label solutions are preferred by business owners as a way to introduce a decentralised platform on the blockchain. Despite Ethermon’s existence on the Ethereum blockchain, any blockchain network can host your NFT game.


Why Suffescom Solutions Inc?

At Suffescom Solutions Inc, we have talented developers with years of experience in the creation of NFT games and Blockchain technology. We preserve your ideation in order to provide a transparent development process. We are professionals at offering


  • Optimal user experience
  • Customization
  • AR/VR capabilities
  • Reasonable options
  • 24-hour assistance
  • Development marketing after
  • Technical assistance



This decade will witness enormous technological advancement thanks to the emergence of blockchain and metaverse technology. Games are constantly in style, and professional gamers are responding overwhelmingly to Game-fi. You should begin working on Ethereum Game Development at this time.

A futuristic strategy will be NFT games on the metaverse. Launch an Ethermon clone with us to be a pioneer in these new technologies. Having trouble making the first move toward creating your own NFT game? Please feel free to contact our professionals, who are here to help you. We pledge to provide you with the best technical advice imaginable.


Suzanne Dieze is a technical content writer and preferably writing technology-based blogs and articles. I have a few published pieces under Mobile Based Applications, and Data science consists of proven techniques, future cost, and benefits.

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