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Differences And Similarities PVC Vs WPC Floorboard

These days, WPC and PVC floorboards are gaining popularity as alternatives to wood floorboards. Both of them offer benefits over wood that encourage homeowners to utilize them. But the two floorboard varieties differ from one another. Homeowners are prompted by this to look for parallels and differences between WPC and PVC floorboards. Differences And Similarities PVC Vs WPC Floorboard

Let’s think about their qualities.


PVC and WPC floorboards both have a long lifespan. This is one way in which WPC floorboard and PVC are comparable. Your WPC floorboard may last up to 20 years, depending on the grade you purchase. Like WPC floorboards, PVC floorboards have a long lifespan as well. Your PVC floorboard has a 15-year lifespan.

Unaffected by Insects

The resistance to insects is another commonality between WPC floorboards and PVC. Insect assault is deterred by WPC floorboards. This implies that if you place the floorboard on the outer wall of your home, termites cannot attack it. Additionally resistant to insect assault is PVC floorboards. Additionally, wood-eating insects won’t harm your pvc dielen terrasse.

Surface Resistance to Scratches

Surface Resistance to Scratches

The surface roughness of the WPC floorboard is resistant to scratches. This is so that the WPC floorboard can resist scratches better. The WPC floorboard has an additional plastic covering on its body. There won’t be any scratches on your WPC floorboard if animals like dogs use their paws to scratch it. Like WPC floorboards, PVC floorboards are scratch-resistant as well. The scratch resistance of WPC floorboards is superior to PVC floorboards.

Resistance to Natural Elements

Mother Nature will not be able to harm the WPC floorboard. Your WPC floorboard won’t be affected if you expose it to temperature variations. If you leave a space between the boards, the WPC floorboard will expand freely and won’t distort or splinter. Your WPC floorboard will not be damaged by ice, snow, rain, or strong winds.

Your WPC floorboard won’t swell and will absorb less water. The floorboard made of PVC won’t crack or splinter when the temperature changes. PVC won’t swell or decay and will absorb less moisture than WPC floorboard.

Composition of Materials

The WPC floorboard is made of plastic and wood fiber. These materials have been previously used. They are transported to a plant where WPC floorboard manufacturers combine and heat the materials to create floorboards. No wood is present in pvc dielen. Instead, it is made entirely of plastic. This is one way that WPC floorboard and PVC floorboards terrace differ from one another.

Weight and Installation Ease

Weight and Installation Ease

WPC siding is portable. When transferring the boards, your WPC floorboard will be simple to transport. The WPC floorboard has a good strength-to-weight ratio, as well. The WPC floorboard is light and robust at the same time, according to strength to weight. Like the WPC floorboard, the plastic floorboard is likewise quite light. When you wish to install your PVC floorboards, you may transport it with ease.

In terms of installation, the WPC floorboard is simple. When installing your WPC floorboard to the wall of your house, you can cut the boards with a saw. A WPC floorboard can also be installed using fasteners. PVC floorboards are simple to install as well. This is one way that WPC floorboards and PVC floorboards are comparable. Your PVC floorboard may be trimmed to fit the area.


Decorative Value

Your home is not the only thing that WPC floorboard shields against moisture. The outside wall of your house gains aesthetic appeal as a result. The color of the WPC floorboard has the benefit of being long-lasting. The WPC floorboard will only slightly lose color before it becomes stable, unlike other floorboard materials that fade fast.


WPC floorboard is available in grey, brown, anthracite, and oak. All of this WPC floorboard has a lovely color that will raise the value of your house. PVC siding is very lovely. But there are distinctions between WPC and PVC floorboards.

Here is how PVC floorboards terrace and WPC floorboards differ from one another. The WPC floorboard may be made to look like wood by the manufacturer. One aspect of WPC floorboard that matters to homes is this. When it comes to aesthetic value, the WPC floorboard is the favored option because PVC floorboards lacks that attribute.



Owners of floorboard materials are concerned with maintenance, for example. An excellent floorboard is one that is simple to maintain. Your WPC floorboard is simple to maintain. To clean your floorboard surface, you want to use a soft fabric. PVC floorboards are simple to maintain as well. To clean debris from your plastic floorboard surface, use a cloth.


What are the similarities and differences between PVC and WPC floorboards? Because it is simple to install and maintain, WPC floorboard is comparable to PVC floorboards in this regard. And neither of them is vulnerable to insect assault. The distinction between the two is that PVC lacks the surface roughness of wood grain whereas WPC floorboard comprises wood and has it.

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