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Digital Marketing Updates for 2022: What You Need to Know

The digital marketing landscape can seem unpredictable, and it’s easy to think that in order to keep up with current trends you need to be constantly following the latest news and developments in the industry and keeping up-to-date with the newest technology on the market.

But what if I told you that this isn’t actually necessary? The truth is, most of the important developments in digital marketing aren’t necessarily new at all; they are simply innovative applications of existing technologies, some of which have been around for decades or even centuries!

Smartphone Usage Is Declining

Mobile usage is on the decline. People are less engaged with their mobile devices and more likely to keep them out of sight, such as leaving them on their desks while they take a lunch break.

Google released a report that shows an 11 percent drop in average daily smartphone use in 2022 alone. If you’re looking for other channels for digital marketing in Vancouver, it might be a good idea to invest more heavily in Facebook advertising.

Content Becomes King (Again)

No, it’s not just a saying. It’s a fact. However, most marketers are still stuck in ‘content is king’ mode. The digital marketing agency world has come a long way from 2010 when content was considered everything.

In today’s marketing world, it is critical to deliver amazing digital experiences that don’t rely on the content as much as they did even ten years ago.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The digital marketing industry is rapidly changing—and you can bet it’s only going to get more competitive.

Digital marketing tools and strategies are becoming more advanced, and more sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) is being used by marketers.

As AI continues to make its way into digital marketing campaigns, advertisers will need qualified and experienced marketers who know how to leverage these tools successfully.

Make sure you’re staying on top of changes in your industry by subscribing to blogs that specialize in digital marketing.


Marketing Automation Takes Off

We’re already seeing growing use of marketing automation tools from organizations like AdRoll, HubSpot, and Marketo (and many others).

These are high-value leads because they’re more likely to convert than an unknown visitor.

SEO Becomes Less Important

Not everyone knows about, or realizes how effective a great SEO strategy can be—it really does work! And it’s almost something all businesses need.

The problem is that Google constantly updates its algorithm and penalizes companies that abuse these strategies, including over-optimizing their content and linking practices.

When SEO becomes less important as a priority in digital marketing services, it doesn’t mean it will become completely obsolete—just that different digital marketing strategies will begin to play an increasingly important role.

Growth Hacking Makes a Comeback

Let’s face it, growth hacking and all those crazy startup terms like MVP and growth hacking started in Silicon Valley.

In years past, big corporations would hire digital marketing agencies to grow their business. These days, they are creating internal teams with titles such as ‘Head of Growth’ or something similar.

Social Media Becomes Less Influential (and more diverse)

Companies are trying to harness social media’s full potential, but it appears that brands haven’t quite cracked social media marketing.

New platforms and technologies will diversify how marketers reach audiences, making social media marketing even more powerful in 2020 than it is today.

User Experience becomes more important than ever

To succeed in digital marketing, your customer’s experience and interactions with your brand must be at the heart of all decision-making.

This includes how people find you online, what they do once they arrive on your site, and how you can improve these journeys to meet their needs. Digital marketing services must focus on user experience as a core value.

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