Dubai Dolphinarium – All that you need to Know

The first indoor, air-conditioned dolphinarium within the Middle East is the Dubai Dolphinarium. It shows off how talented and skilled bottlenose dolphins and fur seals are as they dance, sing, juggle, play ball, and leap through hoops. Take advantage of the rare chance to get up close and personal with dolphins by kissing, embracing, stroking, dancing, & playing ball with the amazing animal.

You have complete freedom to have some wonderful time with the magnificent dolphins and seals at the Dubai Dolphinarium. From a peculiar family recreation area to one of Dubai’s most popular tourist spots, this dolphinarium offers you a wonderful opportunity to interact with these aquatic animals.

The Dubai Dolphinarium offers a special and wonderful display of these magnificent creatures; in addition to taking pictures with them, you can swim at a very friendly level with such magnificent dolphins. You can dance with them as well as enjoy a pleasant ride on your tummy in the water. You can also kiss and cuddle them. Prepare to learn about the fascinating deep animals’ intrepid tales, behaviors, and habitats.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Getting There

Driving there is the best method to get to the Dubai Dolphinarium. A cab is indeed the second most practical choice for those of you without your own means of transportation. But since we are writing a comprehensive review of Dubai Dolphinarium for you, we must include issues like how to get to Dubai Dolphinarium by metro.

You are in luck if you are looking for the answer to that. The Green Line metro station in Dubai Healthcare City is the one closest to the Dubai Dolphinarium. You can exit at Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station & travel the remaining five minutes by cab. Alternatively, if the climate is agreeable, it will only take you around 15 minutes to stroll to the Dubai Dolphinarium.

Inside Dubai Dolphinarium 

For showcasing live performances of the talented sea critters, they produce fantastic shows. So be sure to time your trip around these shows while planning your stay at the Dubai Dolphinarium. The Dubai Dolphinarium trip gives you the chance to interact with these well-known dolphins while making certain observations.

The Dubai Dolphinarium has more to offer you than just that. There are numerous unique bird species that exhibit their abilities. The bird show produced here will satiate you in the world of birds, allowing you to interact with these flying animals in a way that you may not have done before.

The ideal spot in Dubai for a day of amusement and relaxation with your family is the Dubai Dolphinarium. You will be curious about their abilities and powers after watching this wonderful 45-minute performance where you can get up close & personal with bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, & other creatures. You may interact with dolphins, watch the Dolphin & Seal Show, & much more at the Dubai Dolphinarium. There are two seating options available: VIP and Regular, both of which are first-come, first-served.

An unforgettable opportunity to interact with these magnificent beasts and have a close-up dolphin encounter that you will never forget. Visitors may engage with dolphins in a dry setting without entering the pool. Without going into the water, meet the dolphins at the pool. Spend 20 minutes interacting with the dolphins. During the meet-and-greet, give the dolphins hugs and play with them.

Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets

VIP Tickets 

AED 140- Adult

AED 100- Child


AED 120- Adult

AED 70- Child

Illusion Show

AED 140- Adult

AED 100- Child

Top Attractions in Dubai Dolphinarium 

  • Swimming with Dolphins- At the Dubai Dolphinarium, one can take pleasure in swimming with the sea’s friendliest creatures, dolphins. There are several entertaining activities available at Dolphin Planet in Dubai Dolphinarium, including belly rides, kisses, and dancing with dolphins. So, for an amazing experience, jump in water with the ocean’s favorite critters.
  • Creek Park Bird Show- Over 20 exotic bird species are on display at Creek Park Bird Show. The audience witnesses colourful birds flying above their heads in a unique experience. A remarkable diversity of birds, including toucans, macaws, and hornbills, can be seen here. This bird show shows a variety of parrot species, including Amazon and Eclectus parrots. Additionally, one may take pictures with the magnificent Steller’s Sea Eagle and feed the birds.
  • Dolphin and Seal Show- Enjoy the breathtaking Dolphin & Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium, where Northern & Southern American fur seals and Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphins dazzle the audience with their amazing skills. The incredibly sociable mammals pull off an amazing variety of gymnastic feats. The dolphins & seals entertain the audience by playing, juggling, singing, and painting while being closely supervised by experienced trainers.
  • Mirror Maze- Another enjoyable activity to partake in at Dubai Dolphinarium is walking through a labyrinth of full-size mirrors. Find your way through a perplexing path and feel the rush of going through mirror-lined hallways. The Mirror Maze is accessible to both children and adults with a valid ticket to the Dolphin & Seal show.

Few More Interesting Things

7D & 5D Cinema- Children and adults alike may enjoy a unique experience at the Dubai Dolphinarium’s cutting-edge movie theatre. The movie watching experience in this theatre includes thrilling swaying motions and ambient effects like water spraying because it is outfitted with the most recent sound and lighting technologies.

Trampoline- At Dubai Dolphinarium’s indoor trampoline, have fun bouncing and flipping. Visitors who are 7 years or older are welcome to participate in this enjoyable pastime, however pregnant women and visitors with specific medical conditions, such as heart illness or nerve issues, are not advised to do so.

Relish a Good Meal- Dolphinarium offers mouthwatering meals and tasty cuisines that are appropriate for both adults and children in addition to the breathtaking dolphin and seal show.

Comfortable Facilities- You can explore the classrooms with marine themes, the kids’ gym, the multimedia library, and the restrooms at the Dubai Dolphinarium. These are all created with tourists’ comfort in mind.

Gift Shop- There is a great shop where you can purchase gifts for your loved ones, including toys, so you can take all such wonderful memories home with you.

So what are you waiting for? Take your child to Dubai Dolphinarium and let them enjoy to their heart’s content.

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