Enjoy the Best Things to do in Los Angeles

Are you looking for the best things to do in Los Angeles? We have got you covered with these marvelous attractions that L.A. has to offer. If you are a culture vulture, a nature-lover, or a L.A. enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of things to do to fill up your day. Even lifelong Angelenos will benefit from having something on their to-do list that’s new to them, including the excellent-sighted landmark attractions in Mexico City and an ever-changing array of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. Residents of Los Angeles are typically excited to visit the city, which is why many of them are fascinated with what it includes. 

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1. Hollywood Blvd

All tourists to L.A. should spend time on Hollywood Boulevard. I suggest you check out Hollywood and Highland to be on the lookout for parking and the amazing facilities right in the area. You can see the footprints of loved ones on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the handprints in the TCL Chinese Theater, the Ripley’s Believe it Not wax museum, and several museums in the Los Angeles area. It’s a really fun activity to do for several hours in downtown L.A. You can read as many of my favorite sites in Hollywood here. 

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2. Downtown LA

Downtown Los Angeles has a poor reputation, but there are still some great things to do there. I like to visit The Broad Museum for its assortment of contemporary art and the Hang Time Skyride for its glass slide and panoramic view of the city. You may also enjoy spending as much time as you want at Grand Central Market because all the restaurants, bars, and shops will keep you busy.

3. Olvera Street

Olvera Wood is one of the most vibrant places in the City of Los Angeles. Every single year on October 31st, it produces a wonderfully edifying Dia de Los Muertos cultural celebration. The National Celebration has been going on for 30 years, and it unites art, architectural treasures, and dancing exhibitions. I, along with Amie, have been several times and always enjoy this 

4. Movie Locations

Before leaving the vicinity of the central town of Los Angeles, I wanted to attract tourists to the area by describing the area’s most stunning locations. Of course, studios have all sorts of great locations other than those seen here, such as Union Station, the Bradbury Building, Randy’s Donuts, and Angels Flight. Many other fascinating spots to see film footage are throughout the city.

5. Echo Park

Echo Park is an area of Los Angeles that is in the process of reinvention; within walking distance are lots of great restaurants and well-stocked stores and there is a sizable lake in the middle of the district. This is a great place to soak up the sun, and into the river you can rent swan boats for an enjoyable trip. This section also sells delicious Specialty foods, including the Schmaltz chips at Masa, and the Croissant bread pudding at Years and Years. I’ve enjoyed visiting the area time and time again, as its specialties are worth coming back to again and again.

6. Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a vivacious neighborhood in Los Angeles situated right on a beach, west of the city. It has a skate park, street musicians, street art, the Venice Canals, and the beach, which makes it a thriving destination. The canals are one of my favorite areas in Venice Beach due to its many bridges, and I love going up and down them and making them part of my trip. Not many would see Los Angeles as a place to typically visit.

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7. Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is located just west of Venice Beach. This iconic landmark is the conclusion of Route 66, and it has a sign that’s often photographed. It has a nearby amusement park with a Ferris wheel and roller coaster. A couple of park benches and a picturesque pond make a great place for bird watching and for taking stunning sunset photographs on the beach.

8. Restaurants in L.A.

For my guide to work best, I simply want to highlight the activities of Los Angeles as an outstanding city for dining. There’s a lot about dining in Los Angeles that I really want to document in some other video. A few of my favorite places to grab a sandwich are Philippe s for a french dip, Diakokuya for ramen, Guisados for tacos, Langer for a pastrami sandwich, Mozza for pizza, and Randys for donuts, to name a few.

9. Getty Center and Villa

Two of the nation’s top art museums are the Getty Museum, located close to the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Getty Center, located in the downtown area of the city of Los Angeles. Both sites feature a large collection of internationally significant art from Monet and Van Gogh and beautiful outside views. The Getty Villa is not only a beautiful center for fine art but also has wonderful Greek and Roman sculptures in an absolutely wonderful setting. I love both of these museums, and it’s a must-see on the Los Angeles tourist map.

10. Beverly Hills

I only see myself as a shopper, but it’s fun to stroll in Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive because of their fame. The Beverly Hills sign is sitting next to a huge fountain, and people often post a lot of pictures next to it. Rodeo Drive is famous for numerous stores nearby, including Sprinkles, which has a cupcake machine that is well-liked by many. Afterward, a couple of blocks away, you will find Rodeo Drive, famous for its Pretty Women movie. It has many extravagant stores that I could not afford, but I enjoy window-shopping after it’s decked for Christmas.

Well there you have it: my full list of places to visit in Los Angeles. Help yourself and leave a comment section below.

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