Five Essential Gadgets for Authentic Cake Baking

Real bakers usually have tools and utensils that don’t exist in other American kitchens. These bakers may be trained in different areas, such as cake baking, pastry making, or cookie cutting, or they may have all of these skills. For professional bakers, it is important to have authentic tools in your own kitchen. The following five tools are essential in a bakery kitchen

Measuring cup and spoon

There is always a need to accurately measure a certain amount of a liquid or solid, whether from a recipe or from memory. An extra cup of flour or a teaspoon of salt can ruin the entire bake. That’s why it’s important to use a measuring cup to accurately determine the amount of additives. Measuring cups of at least half a cup and measuring spoons with a teaspoon or tablespoon units are essential for serious baking.

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are a must for cake baking. The bowl should be large enough to hold all the ingredients and roomy enough to avoid spills. Some bakers prefer stainless steel bowls, others prefer plastic bowls, so the choice is up to the individual. Small bowls are also suitable for sorting egg whites and mixing icing. This way, the ingredients can be kept separate until they need to be mixed together. If you really want to bake, you need a mixing bowl in which to collect the baking ingredients.

Plastic or wooden spatula

Plastic spatulas are great for mixing cake batter and frosting. Also, plastic spatulas are attractive because they don’t scratch the surface of the container when scraping the edge of the bowl or pan. It’s helpful for bakers to have several different sized spatulas so they don’t have to wash them when mixing ingredients. If you don’t like spatulas, you can do the same thing with wooden spoons. If you really want to bake, you need a spatula or spoon to mix the batter and ingredients well.

Frying pans (baking sheets, muffin tins)

Of course, every good baker needs a baking pan. Depending on the need, baking sheets, pastry pans or muffin tins are used. If the baking utensils have a non-stick coating, the pastries won’t stick together, saving you time. You need at least a 9″ x 13″ pan, but you can also use an 8″ or 9″ round or square pan. Serious bakers have a set of baking sheets so they can quickly bake something at any time.

A rolling pin.

Serious bakers know the need for consistency in products like cookies and cakes. Large and small rolling pins can be used for a variety of purposes, but wooden ones are the most common. With a rolling pin, you can distribute the dough evenly to produce many cookies or doughnuts.

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