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Gorakshasana is beneficial for kidneys and knees, digestion will be good

Yoga and asanas have their own importance to remain healthy at all levels of body, mind, and soul. There are many such yoga asanas, whose regular practice keeps the body fit and healthy, as well as they can easily cure many types of diseases. One such yoga asana is Gorakshasana, whose regular practice provides relief from kidney and foot diseases and also helps in weight loss. The practice of Gorakshasana also provides benefits for piles and stomach diseases. Let us tell you all the benefits of Gorakshasan and the correct method of doing it.

Amazing Gorakshasana Yoga:

Gorakshasana is named after the great yogi Gorakshanakh. Yogi Gorakshanath often used to sit in this posture. He believed that this yoga asana is very beneficial in reducing the restlessness of the mind and increasing the intellectual level. This practice eliminates the inertia of the body and with regular practice, diseases like obesity are removed, due to which a person can remain completely healthy.

How to do Gorakshasana:

It is very easy to do Gorakshasana. People of any age can do this. Here is the easy method of Gorakshasan-

  • First of all, you sit on the ground and spread your legs in front.
  • Bend the feet from the knees and now bring the heels of both feet together.
  • Go ahead and lift the body up and sit on the ankles. Take care not to twist the chest.
  • Both knees should remain close to the ground.
  • Keep your hands on your knees.
  • Keep the spine and neck straight.
  • Stay in this posture for as long as possible and then return to the starting position.
  • It was a cycle.
  • And in this way, you do 3 – 5 cycles.

Gorakshasana beneficial for kidneys:

Gorakshasana is very beneficial for the kidneys. Actually, while doing Gorakshasana, there is pressure on the back of your body, due to which the blood circulation there becomes good. Apart from this, the regular practice of Gorakshasan also provides relief in piles. This yoga asana helps in maintaining the balance of body.

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Knees will become stronger:

Gorakshasana is also very beneficial for the knees and thighs. With regular practice, the knee joints, hip, ankle, hips, and waist get relief. Along with this, it is also an effective yoga asana in reducing body fat and bringing the body into the right shape.

Digestion will be fine:

If you have digestive problems or gas is formed in the stomach, then practice Gorakshasana for 10 minutes daily. Through its practice, the dirt of the intestines and liver comes out of the body, and all the diseases of the stomach are removed.

Who should not do Gorakshasana:

  • People who have knee pain problems should not do Gorakshasana.
  • If there is a problem with heel pain, then do not do this yoga asana.
  • If obesity is due to intestinal diseases and thyroid, then do not do these yoga asanas.

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