Guide to choosing the best telescopic boom lift

Telescopic boom lifts or straight boom lifts are important heavy equipment used on the construction site. The machine is dedicated to reaching the height of the building with the help of articulated boom lifts. During the construction of commercial or other large projects, when it is difficult to access the highest place, the telescopic boom lift helps you to go there. 

Most contractors use this incredible machine in industrial or landscaping construction projects as it can make plenty of horizontal and vertical movements. Another benefit of using this aerial lift is that it works very well even in rainy and windy weather.

Although, among different types of boom lifts, it is highly recommended to choose the one which best suits your project. In this instance, you need to consider some factors while choosing the boom lift. Here is the list of some considerations you must not avoid.

  • Calculate the load capacity

Just like a used wheel excavator, boom lifts are of different kinds as well. First, you need to know that in your project how much load needs to be lifted. Then know the capacity of the boom lift and how much load it can lift. Choose accordingly. If you are not sure about it, you may ask for help from the experts or the equipment dealer. The heavier the load picked by a boom lift the more fuel is used by it.

  • Evaluate the height and range of the boom lift

Another important factor to consider while having a boom lift for your project is to check for the height and range of that boom lift. A range is, basically the surface that a boom lift covers horizontally whereas the height is the distance covered in the vertical direction. You need to know the range and height that a boom lift can cover. Choose according to the requirement of your project.

  • Assess the platform size

The platform of a boom lift assesses how much load or object must be carried on the equipment. If you carry an object larger than the platform size, it will decline the productivity of the equipment and deteriorate the parts of the equipment as well.

  • Examine the work site

The boom lift like other equipment runs on fuel and diesel. It emits fumes hence; it is very dangerous to use this heavy equipment indoors. You must analyze first in which area you’re going to work. Electric boom lifts use no fuel instead. Hence, are good to use for indoor projects. But keep in mind that these electric boom lifts are not as powerful as the fuel ones. Also, make sure the terrain is smooth or plain as the boom lift cannot work properly on rough terrains.


The telescopic boom lift is construction equipment like a used wheeled excavator that is used on construction sites. The boom lift helps in lifting the objects to a certain height either horizontally or vertically. Before choosing the right boom lift you must consider some common factors mentioned in this article, so that you may take full advantage of it.

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