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How long do artificial plants last outside

How long do artificial plants last outside? Fake plants have become hugely popular when it comes to decoration. Be it indoor decoration or outdoor decoration, fake plants are now reigning both worlds. While this reputation of artificial plants is rising higher & higher, many questions regarding these plants are roaming around the minds of plant lovers.

One of the most asked questions about these plants is- “How long do artificial plants last outside?”. Here,we’re going to answer this question in detail & also discuss some other things related to this topic. So, without any further ado, let us get started!

How long do artificial plants last outside

How long do fake plants actually last outdoors?

Generally speaking, all the faux plants out there have a specific lifetime. If we talk about silk plants without any kind of sunlight protection, this lifetime is about two to three months. But this life can improve with ease if we purchase artificial plants that come with protective measures to safeguard their appearance from the sun’s direct light. In the next, we will discuss the factors that are responsible for the longevity of the outdoor plants.

UV protection

The first & the most important factor that ensures a long life of artificial plants is ‘UV protection.’ As we all know, the sun emits ultraviolet light that is very harmful to human beings & also the plants. This UV light causes the discoloration of artificial plants & makes them lose their glamour & shine.
Therefore, as a preventive measure, modern faux plants come with UV protection coating. So, whenever you plan to decorate your outdoors with fake plants, make sure you buy artificial plants protected by this ‘UV protection coating.’

Water resistance

Faux plants that we use for outdoor decor purposes go through a lot & are more vulnerable compared to the plants that we keep indoors. This is why they need more protection than indoor plants. The second factor that plays the part in increasing outdoor faux plants’ overall lifetime is water resistance.
The ‘water protection system’ in these plants will safeguard your faux plants from the damage caused by rainwater. So, when you are going to buy fake plants for your outdoor decoration purpose, make sure they are water-resistant as well


Another substantial factor that is responsible for the long life of any artificial plant is the ‘material’ from which it is made. You will find many types of artificial trees in the market. These plants’ build material is usually one of these- High-quality plastic, rubber, latex, silk, polyester, cotton, rayon, etc.
And the price difference you see in these plants also depends on these materials from which they are made.
Typical inexpensive fake plants are usually made from low-quality materials & they are not water or UV resistant. So, they will not last long outside & the money you spend on them will go to waste. To avoid this, you should always buy quality artificial plants that are built from high-quality materials.


Artificial plants may be famous for less maintenance or not needing maintenance at all. But, there is one thing that we should keep in mind & that is-Dust or dirt are big enemies of artificial plants. You do not want your faux plants to get dirty because dirt or dust will take away all the shine & glory from them. Therefore, you should wipe the dust off your outdoor plants regularly. When you have dusted your plants, also remember to spray some water on your plants & you will instantly see how beautiful they look!

Extra tips

If somehow your outdoor plants do not have any sort of protection, your plants will soon start to fade & lose their charm. If you don’t want your plants to be in that situation, you should soon buy a UV protection spray. Use that UV protection spray on your out of door fake plants routinely & their shine & appearance will not be harmed.
However, before using that spray on your whole plant/s, use it in a small part of your plant to check if the spray has any damaging effects on your plant. Because there are some UV sprays out there in the market which may not be compatible with your faux plants. Instead of doing good, they will harm your plants.


Dear reader, you have come to the end of How long do artificial plants last outside article. We hope you have enjoyed reading it & found the answer that you were looking for. If you have any other things that you want to share with our readers regarding outdoor artificial plants, please comment down below.

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