How much does a German Shepherd cost?

Are you considering the possibility of adding the German Shepherd to your home and wondering what you can spend on the puppy? This breed isn’t inexpensive – the simplest answer is to expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 for the German Shepherd from health-tested parents. It can be found puppies that do not have papers for less (as little as $200 in some instances) they are typically from breeds that do not have health or temperament tests. It is better to invest a little more than the initial cost and find a well-behaved puppy that has great genes!



What is the cost of a German Shepherd puppy?

German Shepherd Dogs are an extremely well-known breed throughout the US and the American Kennel Club lists these breeds as the number one breed for 2021 (only overtaken by their counterparts, the Labrador Retriever and the French Bulldog). The German Shepherd is among the breeds of dogs that children are able to recognize because of their elegance, loyalty, and intelligence make them great watchdogs and companions.

But a good-bred German Shepherd is not cheap. The median price for puppies without papers is around $800. Although it may be tempting to grab the “bargain” such as this, do not German Shepherds suffer from various health issues that are specific to breeds. Only breeders that are responsible and who test and select healthy breeders will have the most healthy puppies. The health-tested and certified puppies are likely to cost a bit higher than $800: Khanguard GSD breeders offer rates for German Shepherd puppies starting at $500, and go to as much as $3,000.



Why is it that German Shepherds are so expensive?

Breeding dogs requires more than just pairing two adult dogs with the exact same dog breed. It’s also about raising the pups and then selling the puppies. Responsible breeders will take the dogs for dog shows and make sure they have them checked for health issues specific to their breed, invest an enormous amount of effort and time in finding the perfect partner and also raise the pups by providing lots of stimulation through sensory and early socialization. The majority of health problems that German Shepherds might suffer from are not easily diagnosed with an examination at the vet. In fact, they need more extensive diagnostic tests like x-rays (to determine if hip dysplasia is present) or genetic tests. It isn’t cheap and will reflect in the price you pay for the puppies!



Is there a more expensive breed than the German Shepherd?

Similar to many dog breeds There are some uncommon German Shepherd colors that are significantly more expensive than typical patterns and colors. Particular colorings like German Shepherd colors like the Panda Shepherd Isabella German Shepherds, black German Shepherd, dogs with just one or more blue eyes or the very uncommon Albino German Shepherds can be as high as $5,000. It is tempting to choose a color that isn’t available elsewhere. Do not let appearances alone determine your choice of new puppy. It’s more crucial that your puppy has an excellent temperament and fits into your lifestyle and family than the fact that he sports a unique appearance.



What is the cost per month to have the German Shepherds?

It is recommended to budget at least $90-110 per month for your pet. This should cover the basic needs quality food, as well as regular vet check-ups. Certain German Shepherd owners spend considerably more on their pet. Professional grooming is essential for a lot of German Shepherd owners, as they shed a lot. This breed is known to have various behavioral issues that could be difficult to resolve for new dog owners such as:

  • Fear of separation
  • Reactivity
  • High prey drive
  • Incessant barking
  • Leash pulling

A lot of German Shepherd owners end up having weekly training sessions or in group classes or private one-on-one sessions with an instructor. It is possible to budget between $80 and $500 (for classes in groups) or up to 500 dollars (for individual lessons) per month for continuing training. Certain German Shepherds can be quite destructive and require lots of chewing toys and bones to keep from destroying their furniture owners. The new toys and chews could quickly get expensive – you could spend anywhere from $30 to $100 each month for them.


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