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How to choose social networks to communicate? 

All social networks have their own specificities that are important to take into account. You should choose the one that best matches your brand and corporate identity. Social networks create proximity with your customers and allow you to maintain a special bond. You can get the services of Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington

An overview of the different social networks:


Popular, Facebook is an essential social network. It brings together a strong and very interactive community. All age groups are represented. With either a personal profile or a professional account, create publications, share photos, videos, images, to communicate with your audience. The most important thing is to attract the interest of Internet users so that they share your publications. And to optimize your visibility, you can use Facebook ads .

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s advertising tool that allows you to create targeted advertising campaigns. The network also offers the Pixel plugin , which is an analysis tool, which is used to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. In the form of a piece of code, the pixel is installed at the top of the pages of your website. By installing it, you will be able to follow and track your visitors as well as the actions they perform. This also allows re-marketing to your visitors. You can get in touch with Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington


A micro-blogging social network, Twitter allows its users to share short messages of up to 280 characters. Interactivity is very strong there, because the information is shared in real time.

Just like with Facebook, you can also create twitter ads to boost your posts. The hashtag system which is very popular on this network, makes it possible to target your advertisements more.


Linkedin is a professional social network. Leader on the market, it is ideal for B to B relations. The exchanges are all professional. Linkedin also has an advertising system called Linkedin Ads .
Linkedin Ads, compared to others, allows you to do ultra-targeted B to B marketing.


Mobile application, Instagram allows you to share photos and videos. Thanks to its filter system, you can highlight your products with very attractive visuals.

Also check out Instagram ads . Instagram ads is Instagram’s targeted advertising system that allows you to extend your visibility on the network.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the set of techniques that aim to use the power of recommendation of influencers.

In your web marketing strategy, influencers are supposed to recommend your product or service to their audience. Know that influencers are active people who have the power to impact a community’s buying decision. They are followed by thousands of Internet users, who listen to them and trust their opinions and recommendations. They can be either experts in a field, bloggers or celebrities, etc. A recent webmarketing technique, influencer marketing has established itself through its effectiveness and performance.

In conclusion, communicating with social media requires mastering a few techniques. To begin with, you need to know how to identify the target. This is the basis for all tracked actions. However, this may not be enough if the right social network is not chosen for the company’s activity. To put it simply, resorting to this technique is an excellent idea to develop the company and increase the turnover.

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