How to Choose the Right Shower Curtain Rod for Your Bathroom

Most homes have at least one bathroom, and even if you don’t have kids or teenagers, you probably share your bathroom with someone else in the house. One bathroom means everyone has to take turns cleaning it and using it as needed, so everyone needs to be respectful of others’ schedules and habits. The easiest way to keep everyone happy? Choose the right shower curtain rod to make sure everyone has access to the shower when they need it. Here’s how to choose the right shower curtain rod for your bathroom!

Consider how long you need the curtain rod

When choosing a shower curtain rod, start by considering how long you need it. In most cases, 72 inches should be plenty. A rod that’s too long can get in your way and limit your movement within the shower; a rod that’s too short will leave a lot of extra space between your curtain and wall, making it easier for water to duschdraperi stång out of your tub and onto floors or nearby walls. Bear in mind that if you install additional features like soap dishes or shampoo dispensers on either side of your shower curtain, they may extend beyond its length slightly. If so, you may want to add about one inch per fixture length as additional clearance (for example A 12-inch shampoo dispenser is probably best with a 13-inch shower rod.)

Consider how much light enters your bathroom

Consider how much light enters your bathroom

Try not to make your shower curtain rod too wide, as it will block out sunlight from coming into your bathroom and make it feel cramped. A drapery rod is typically about an inch or two wider than a shower curtain. Any larger, and you’re blocking all of that natural light coming into your bathroom during the day. The wrong choice of the rod can ruin everything! Dividing rods: You know those dividers in public bathrooms? They create more privacy when doing personal things like shaving or applying makeup and at home, they are good for kids who want some space but shouldn’t be making complete use of a whole bathtub by themselves. But what if you don’t have small children?

Check how far from your wall you want it

You’ll want your shower curtain rod at least a couple of inches away from your shower walls, in order to give you some room to hang wet clothes on hooks, or simply leave them sitting in a hamper. If you have zero extra space, it’s fine—you can still install one directly adjacent to a wall. duschdraperistång option is getting an adjustable curtain rod that moves as needed. Many manufacturers offer these types of rods in varying widths. These allow some flexibility when it comes down to where you can place them and still make use of their full potential.

Determine what kind of finish you want

Building a shower is more than just putting some tile up on your walls. First, it’s important to determine what kind of finish you want before you start. Do you want traditional lines with quarter-rounds and soap dishes? Or would you prefer something different that enhances your shower décor like a built-in shelf or towel bar? Regardless of what style or look you are going for, there are curtain rods that work perfectly with any setup.

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