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How To Use Instagram To Boost Sales On Your Shopify Store?



Shopify is a highly effective website builder, primarily for online stores, and Instagram is a goldmine for reaching new users and keeping them engaged with engaging visual material. Together, these two tools have enabled countless companies to launch and grow successful online stores.

With the world increasingly relocating to online social networks. It is crucial for businesses to ensure that their e-commerce systems are compatible with sites like Instagram, the undisputed king of photo-sharing apps. So, how can you make use of Shopify and Instagram together?


Shopify Allows Instagram Users To Shop Their Feeds


Connecting to promotional networks like Instagram is just one of the many helpful features offered by Shopify for maximizing revenue. Instagram has also added tools that make it easier to make a shoppable feed and sell things through the platform’s integration with other websites. With the two working together, you can maximize the potential of your eCommerce while also connecting your social media with your website.

More than a million companies have benefited from Shopify’s ability to expand their clientele. It’s a comprehensive package that includes everything you need to set up a functional, intriguing, and engaging online shop, from hosting to an integrated online editor with a variety of design options. You can access it from any device without worrying about servers or databases. It has built-in marketing features and high-end capabilities and may save a lot of effort and time. Shopify’s $319 billion in economic output proves the company’s importance in the already crowded eCommerce market.

When it comes to boosting your own eCommerce, Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the most useful platforms you can use. It reaches a large audience and provides material in an approachable style, both of which may be used to boost conversion rates. In fact, 200 million or more Instagram users see at least one business profile making it a great place to showcase your company to your target audience. You might check to see if yours is factored in.

Your company’s Instagram account might serve as a window into the real you. Among their list of followers, you may easily be treated as just another buddy. A certain method to boost online sales and strengthen relationships with customers is to “Shopify” your Instagram account.


Huge Retailer’s Instagram Wins With Shopify


Among our many satisfied customers is Cluse, an Amsterdam-based traditional watch brand that uses an Instagram feed connected to its Shopify eCommerce store. As you scroll down the page, you’ll likely see this: giving you immediate access to authentic user-generated content. You can see that Cluse is trying to enhance brand and customer interaction as well as collect user-generated content (UGC) by implementing a hashtag campaign.


Methods For Integrating Instagram Into Your Shopify Store


As an e-commerce platform, Shopify makes it a no-brainer to include Instagram in your marketing strategy. Fortunately, expanding your online visibility is as easy as clicking a few buttons. To get you going here is a basic how-to outline:

  • Use of Shopify is mandatory, of course
  • For Shopify apps, go here.
  • Simply type in “Instagram,” and you’ll find a plethora of applications that will assist you in linking your Instagram feed to your Shopify business.
  • Find the perfect hashtags greatest fit for your brand’s needs, and then pick one.
  • Put in the program and update it.


Advantages Of Integrating Your Instagram Feed With Your Shopify Store


First and foremost, integrating your social media with your online business makes it easier for your customers to follow you and learn about your current offerings. If you keep your Instagram feed updated with new information, viewers will visit your website more frequently.

Using the most up-to-date photographs from an Instagram User Generated Campaign is another great way to show your business’s authenticity, win over customers’ confidence, and encourage brand loyalty. Moreover, you have an amazing option to buy automatic Instagram story views to receive more engagement from the wider people that will boost your brand popularity.  

Even though it may seem apparent, adding an IG feed to your Shopify store will help you attract more Instagram followers. As we’ve established, Instagram’s massive user base makes it ideal for spreading the word about a company’s existence.

Finally, this style also allows you to provide customers with other points of view on the things they already love. Providing consumers with a variety of entry points into your business. Both online and social media is a great approach to winning their confidence and establishing your company. 

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