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IELTS score required for MIM in Canada

You are prepared to dominate the world with your top-notch Master in Management degree after earning your MiM from Canada.

You can anticipate working for prestigious organizations in positions like management consultant, etc.

We have put together a list of the top MiM schools in Canada to help you advance your professional development.

Course Information

  • Recent graduates with non-business degrees can enroll in a 9-month Master of Management (MM) programme at UBC Sauder.
  • It ranks as the top Master of Management programme in North America and among the top 60 globally.
  • $50,616 CAD is the total cost for international students.
  • After graduation, the typical yearly wage is $46,121.


  • Bachelor’s degree in another field with three or four years and a B+ average from a recognised school.
  • After graduating, you can only work full-time for a maximum of two years.
  • TOEFL Computer: 250, Print: 600 PTE Academic: 70, Canadian Academic English Language Test (CAEL): 70 overall band, IELTS Academic: 7.0 overall band

Canadian MIM

Many applicants think about taking the IELTS test in Canada before enrolling in MIM programmes. In Canada, an MIM programme lasts two years.

However, according to the British Council IELTS Canada assessment, a passing score for IELTS examinations for Canada spans from band 6-7 and above.

Candidates prefer an MIM in Canada because it exposes them to a variety of cultural experiences. In addition, Canada offers stable economic conditions and streamlined immigration regulations.

MIM graduates have the opportunity to advance their careers and work in a solid financial environment. In Canada, the cost of an MIM can range from 18,512 CAD to 99,296 CAD.

IELTS rating for a Canadian MIM

The entrance requirements for Canadian business schools are very strict. For immigration to Canada, candidates must obtain an IELTS band score of 6.5 to 7. Additionally, IELTS is necessary for Canada. There are specific IELTS criteria for PR.

Canada’s IELTS requirements

Although there isn’t a minimum IELTS score needed for MBA in Canada, there are quite strict language criteria to get into a good university there, including minimum overall and sectional scores.

It is frequently a minimum of 6 in each section and a total score of 6.5 for good universities.

There are a few solutions available to you if you don’t meet the IELTS requirements for the university you want to attend.

Because your application is evaluated holistically, you can offset your weak IELTS score with other academic and professional accomplishments.

If not, you can repeat the exam, paying particular attention to your weaker portions, and submit your updated score to the university.

There are a number of additional exams you can take to satisfy the language requirements that are approved by many colleges, while IELTS continues to be the preferred language test for Canadian universities.

These Canadian universities are among the top 200 in the world, and the minimal IELTS criteria for their undergraduate and graduate programmes are listed below.

The IELTS exam is crucial to assuring immigration and admission to Canada. However, in order to qualify for a Canadian student visa, individuals must get an IELTS band of at least 6. To achieve a minimum band score of seven on the IELTS for Canada, candidates must prepare effectively.

IELTS Rating For PR In Canada

Canada is the best country for immigrants because it provides a variety of educational alternatives and employment prospects.

IELTS requirements for Canadian permanent residence vary per programme. Candidates may also think about other options, such as IELTS Score for Canada PR.


Candidates who are unsure whether to take the IELTS for immigration to Canada need to be aware that TOEFL scores are not accepted. In order to move to Canada, applicants must take the IELTS exam and obtain the required band scores.

However, Canadian universities recognise TOEFL results. As a result, students who wish to study in Canada may think about getting a high TOEFL score.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recognises IELTS validity for Canada for a period of two years following the day the results were released.

The afflicted candidate is removed from the pool and will not be qualified to get an ITA for permanent residence once the IELTS results are deemed invalid.

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