Is Lab Grown Diamonds Better Than Natural Diamonds?


Many people don’t realize that CVD diamonds are lab grown diamonds. However, it important to find out whether or not your diamond comes from the ground or was created in a laboratory. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of both natural and lab grown diamonds here!

Lab Grown Diamonds Give You More Bang For Your Buck.

You may have seen ads for lab-grown or man-made diamonds and wondered if they are a good choice for you. First, it is important to understand what they are. Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds, just like the ones found in nature. The major difference how they made. Natural diamonds form over millions of years deep within the Earth under extreme heat and pressure. In contrast, lab grown diamonds created using cutting-edge technology in a laboratory. These CVD diamond manufacturers use some of the same processes that occur naturally. but do so at much higher temperatures and pressures, which means these gems finished in days instead of centuries.

The result a quality diamond with clarity levels comparable to mined stones that will not only last longer but also cost less money because their price per carat reflects this speedier production process. It is a misconception that lab grown diamonds look fake or artificial. If anything, they are more genuine because they originate from earth but go through an entirely different process than traditional mined stones. Many people love the idea of being able to choose the size and cut of their stone before committing to purchase one; others enjoy knowing where their gem comes from. But ultimately, whether you opt for a natural diamond or one created in a lab, your gem should make you happy—it’s all about preference!

New Technology Allows For More Variety.

You can now find a Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer that offers CVD diamonds in a variety of colors. Natural diamonds found in a very limited number of colors. so this a big advantage for lab created diamonds. You also find CVD diamonds in different shapes and sizes. which another advantage over natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are also often included, which means they internal flaws that affect their beauty. Lab created diamonds free from this inclusion. so they considered to optically superior. Another difference between the two types of diamonds is the cost: while the cost of a natural diamond varies depending on type, color, size and cut. the cost of a lab created diamond remains constant at $3-5 per carat. Another factor you need to consider when deciding whether or not you want a lab created diamond is what happen if your relationship ends with your significant other – because synthetic diamonds are man-made. you always own them yourself.

Natural Diamond Mining Has Environmental Consequences.

Lab-created diamonds are an attractive alternative to mined diamonds because they have none of the negative environmental impacts associated with diamond mining. For example, CVD diamonds manufacturer help avoid soil erosion, water pollution and the displacement of local communities. In addition, lab grown diamonds don’t require the use of heavy machinery or explosives, which can further damage the environment. Furthermore, lab grown diamonds emit less carbon dioxide during production and don’t release any chemicals into the atmosphere as a result of their production process.

Another major benefit is that lab grown diamonds provide a safe option for children. Adults who may be sensitive to metals like nickel. Lab grown diamonds also contain no conflict minerals such as tantalum, tin or tungsten which many people want to avoid to prevent funding terrorism. The unfortunate downside is that laboratory grown diamonds are more expensive due to lower supply and higher demand; however, this should change over time if consumers shift towards purchasing these types of stones.

Synthetic Diamonds Are A Boon To Humanity.

They also called man-made, cultured, engineered or artificial diamonds. In simple terms, they created in laboratories as opposed to the natural process. That takes place deep inside the Earth over millions of years. One such company a lab created diamond manufacturer named Chatham Created Gems and another is a CVD diamonds manufacturer. As per their website, Chatham founded in 2005 by Ben Sergey. Today it’s one of the leading lab-created diamond manufacturers in North America. On the other hand, CVD one of Asia’s leading diamond producers for both lab-grown and mined diamonds.

The former promises extreme clarity and purity while the latter will give you more colour variation in your jewellery piece. Though some experts argue that synthetic diamonds not used to make cutters because they lack hardness. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), lab-grown gems used for making cuts like those found on engagement rings. So if you looking for sustainability and rarity, go with natural ones. If you want affordability and high quality then go with synthetics.

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