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Is Wood Better Than WPC House Cladding?

Do you want to know whether WPC house cladding is superior to wood? If so, you should read this article till the end. What are composite and wood cladding?

Wooden Cladding 

You may terrasse mit holz verkleiden as a structural material on a home. Wood cladding insulates the home it is put on, much as other cladding materials. Both softwood and hardwood were used to create this covering. Pine, fir, and spruce are used to make softwood cladding.

To make it resistant to insects and environmental conditions, it must be chemically treated. It is not like hardwood cladding, which doesn’t require chemical treatment. Redwood and cedar are used to make hardwood cladding. They are resilient to weather conditions and powerful by nature.

wood cladding

You can clad the terrace with wood because wood cladding is lovely because of how it looks. Additionally, most homeowners like conventional wood products. In actuality, this is one of the reasons woods is utilized in building construction. Wood cladding has a high care need and isn’t insect-resistant. Like other wood products, wood cladding requires routine care. Your wood cladding has to be cleaned frequently. In addition, it has to be painted, sealed, sanded, and oiled. This method is challenging, to start with.

Keep in mind that wood cladding may be mounted quite high on the wall. This makes cleaning it difficult and occasionally impossible. Additionally, wood cladding that has been subjected to temperature changes can crack or splinter. Another issue is that wood cladding that has been exposed to water may swell and deteriorate. This will shorten the lifespan of wood cladding.

Plaster of Paris

If you’re unsure of what wpc hausverkleidung is, remember that it is a man-made substance. It resembles a kind of wood substitute.

Given the disadvantages of wood cladding’s use, you should now have a clearer idea of why WPC house cladding was created. Wood fiber and plastic are combined to create WPC house cladding. These repurposed items were intended for disposal.


plastic paris

After being processed in a facility, the wood fiber and plastic are then sold as finished WPC house cladding. This substance is more durable than wood and doesn’t require the same strenuous upkeep as wood cladding requires.

This suggests that your WPC cladding doesn’t need to be sanded, oiled, sealed, or stained. Additionally, if the  house cladding is exposed to water, you don’t need to be concerned that it may expand and decay. This is due to the additional plastic coating on WPC cladding, which prevents it from absorbing water. It is durable as a result.

Additionally, it doesn’t need chemicals to make it resistant to weather conditions. The lightweight nature of WPC house cladding is another benefit. This suggests that you can move it from one location to another without difficulty. WPC house cladding is light, making installation simple.

Additionally, WPC house cladding is attractive, and the benefit of that is that it may be treated to mimic wood cladding. This feature will draw classic wood aficionados. In addition, WPC house cladding may be painted a variety of colors. WPC house cladding in both bright and dark colors is available for purchase. Additionally, WPC house cladding is resistant to pests, UV rays, water, and all other weather factors.

Which is superior?

different types of cladding

After comparing the qualities of wood and WPC cladding, choosing the superior option is now simpler. For instance, when you look at wood cladding, you will see that it is less expensive than WPC cladding. In actuality, most homeowners favor it for this reason. The cost of WPC cladding is higher than that of wood cladding. Although it could appear to be a drawback, WPC cladding won’t require any care, therefore you should install it.

Additionally, WPC cladding will allow you to avoid paying for maintenance costs associated with wood cladding. Because of this, WPC cladding is a material to take into account. Don’t worry if you’re a homeowner who enjoys the classic wood appearance of wood cladding. This is possible because WPC  cladding may be polished to resemble wood. Homeowners like WPC cladding over other cladding materials because of its lovely wood feel.


WPC house cladding outperforms wood cladding in terms of durability, upkeep ease, light weight, and ease of installation. This is only one of the benefits of having WPC house cladding.

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