Mailchimp pricing and Free plan for the marketing sector

If millions of audiences are using one marketing software that means something valuable the software is providing. Perhaps it can improve your marketing level. We are talking about the tool called Mailchimp that how it is helping companies to scale in marketing operations. All its notable features are getting good responses. We will cover all critical insights including the Mailchimp pricing plans for this year. 


Reviews related to Mailchimp software

Users are saying:

“The software is great to grow the marketing list and make meaningful connections with the target market.”

“If we see the reporting functionality of Mailchimp then it covers all crucial insights that every business must be aware of in-depth. It’s pretty good to use email templates here.” 

“We love the functionality of synchronization. It is easy for us because it enables my team for content sharing. Now we can send advertising and event info faster.” 

One more review we saw a few days ago was from a digital marketing company. The company highlighted:

“Mailchimp offers multiple options for campaign sharing even for small companies. The support staff is awesome as we never get into any trouble till now.”


The latest pricing plan of this marketing software

Your wait to know the current Mailchimp pricing plan comes to end. We will unpack every info with their current cost for your company. Check this out-

  • Free plan: Zero investment
  • Essentials: $9.99/per month
  • Standard: $14.99/per month
  • Premium: $299/per month

When you choose a free plan there is no additional cost. But you can use its fine services like MailChimp domain, website builder, etc. You can use the functionality of curating landing pages. 

We recommend you to give a try to the Premium plan. The reason is simple: its top-notch functionalities for your marketing task. Take the advantage of advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, comparative reporting, and the list goes on. 

Note it down: This software competitors like Sendy, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact do not offer free plans. You need to go for only paid plans if you choose between these tools. 


Integrate with SugarCRM software to improve productivity

Companies collect lead info from SugarCRM and share a newsletter through Mailchimp and then update every info in SugarCRM again. All this manual work takes a copious amount of time. Also, managing numerous platforms increases the chance of human error and productivity downfall. 

A better solution would be integrating both to remove such a hectic situation. You can endeavor for the SugarCRM Mailchimp integration product. The greatest feature of this product is two-way real-time synchronization. Operate a single platform and manage everything faster without any time wastage. 

Not just a single or two but you can integrate numerous Mailchimp accounts with SugarCRM. Adapt this big advantage while going for its premium version. This extension aids the business team of marketing to track subscribers’ actions and stats of email usage. Sounds interesting! 

We will provide a complete Mailchimp subscriber dashboard full of actionable insights. Track the crucial info such as Mailchimp ID, Web ID, record module, IP address, and much more. 



I am Aashna Khanna, a customer representative at the OutRight Store. It is pack with best SuiteCRM and SugarCRM products that are affordable and worth for handling your CRM organization. We have an expertise in curate sublime extensions to make your experience in CRM seamless. We have handled 300+ projects of CRM and offer top-level services like Customization, Data migration, Hosting, Integration, etc. For the product investment, you must choose us for your business growth. We have introduced the extensions like Email to Lead, Twilio SMS, Email drip campaign, Backup and restore, Global hide manager, Record restore manager, and so on.

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