Mango and Pistachio Choux Boxes

The unique combination of mango and Pistachio makes each Choux pastry profiterole unique. The profiteroles are filled with custard crèmes and decorated with handmade chocolate decorations. This confectionery is also featured in a variety of lowly creations. Guests will enjoy these sweets for any occasion, including weddings and baby showers. Choux Box can be ordered online, or you can pick up a box at a retail shop near you.

Choux pastry

The owner of a Bristol bakery is expanding his business by opening a new outlet in Wrapping Wharf. Choux Box, which has also opened in Bath, will serve its popular French pastries from a converted shipping container. Choux Box is a business to Consumer Company that started in 2010 and has a website and phone number. Here’s a look at his new venture. This pastry shop is a part of the larger CARGO 2 network of refurbished shipping containers.

Mango choux

A delicious way to indulge in a mango choux dessert is with a Mango Choux Box. This box contains four flavored choux with a mango flavored cream cheese and chunks of mango. This is a delicious treat for all mango lovers! This box contains a variety of flavors, from the traditional to the fruity. You can enjoy a Mango Choux box for two people or a group of friends.

Pistachio, salted caramel, Bueno and hazelnut

Choux Boxes are made from crème patisserie and drizzled with a different flavored praline on each row. Each row is flavored differently and includes a pistachio, Oreo, salted caramel, or Bueno praline. There are also a variety of flavors of choux, including hazelnut, Bueno, or milk chocolate.


A classic choux box filled with crème patisserie has an elegant twist with a pistachio flavored topping. The box features 30 delicately flavored choux, each drizzled with a different flavored praline. These include: hazelnut, pistachio, Oreo, salted caramel, Bueno, and milk chocolate. These are the ultimate summer treats.

Salted caramel

The Choux Box is an elegant dessert filled with delicious pastry cream and sprinkled with a generous amount of salted caramel. Each choux is dipped in a different flavored praline along the row, including milk chocolate, pistachio, Oreo, Bueno, and hazelnut. Each piece melts into your mouth like a dream. This sweet treat is sure to impress your guests and make them drool.


The Choux Box is a box filled with thirty mini choux, drizzled with different flavored pralines, one row at a time. The different flavors of pralines include hazelnut, lemon, scoff, and salted caramel. A small piece of chocolate is a perfect accompaniment to this tasty treat. Each choux is handcrafted and made with a special recipe that allows each one to be uniquely flavored.

Mixed flowers

If you are looking for a gift that will make someone feel extra special this Valentine’s Day, the Mixed Ice Cream Maker Free Chocolate Box is just the thing. This gift set includes two éclairs from Maître Choux, mixed flowers in season, and four delicious éclairs of your choice. To customize this gift, let us know the flavor of the éclairs when you place your order. Our team will do the rest and deliver your gift on time!


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