Provisioning Modules and Best Provisioning Modules

The management and deployment of services in WHMCS are made possible through provisioning module. Product or server modules are other names for provisioning modules. Creating, suspending, unsuspending, and terminating products is a module’s primary function. This occurs while several events take place. These events include:

  • New order payment
  • Items becoming overdue
  • Overdue invoice payment
  • Cancellation requests.

A WHMCS module is capable of much more than that, such as:

  • Automated password resets.
  • Upgrades/downgrades.
  • Renewals.
  • Admin based links.
  • Client area output.
  • Metric data for Usage Billing
  • And more via custom functions.

Top 10 Provisioning Module of 2022

1.WGS VMware WHMCS Module

WGS VMware vSphere is a fully automated module that will cut your IT personnel costs by 90%. With this WHMCS Addons, once a user orders a service, the admin does not need to manually create a VM or install the OS. Furthermore, the network adapter manages itself, and once the server is provisioned, the module sends all details to the end user. It has a rich client area UI feature where the user can manage all the controls such as starting, stopping, reinstalling, and managing the server snapshot.

List of VMware Features

  • Auto-Provisioning
  • Options for Customization
  • VM Management Function
  • IP Manager for WHMCS
  • Statistical Diagrams
  • Third-Party Installation
  • ACL Organizations

2.SoYouStart WHMCS Module

This WHMCS Module is for you if you want to start a VPS/Dedicated Server Reseller business without investing in hardware infrastructure. You can easily resell OVH, SYS, and Kimsufi VPS/Dedicated servers to your clients using this WHMCS OVH module without even informing them. Reselling is completely white labelled, with the option of setting admin margins on all products.

List of OVH Features

  • Automatic provisioning
  • Supported by ACL
  • Installation Status
  • Power management
  • Email Piping with White Label
  • KVM Viewer

3.WHMCS Cloudflare Module

You understand the significance of DNS settings as a domain and hosting provider. DNS configuration is required for a web hosting provider so that their clients can easily configure their DNS records from the client area. The question now becomes whether you need to set up an infrastructure for these DNS settings. No, Cloudflare provides FREE DNS to hosting providers, which you can easily resell using our module. So you don’t need another DNS service provider because Cloudflare manages them for free.

List of OVH Features

  • Unlimited and Unmetered DDoS Mitigation
  • Prevent Customer Data Breach
  • Accelerate Internet Applications
  • Accelerate Mobile Experiences
  • Ensure Application Availability
  • Save server bandwidth
  • Free CDN & SSL

4.WGS Nextcloud Module

With the increased risks associated with data, a user is likely to be sceptical of third-party cloud storage. You can use Nextcloud to create your own cloud storage for both public and private servers.

What is the purpose of our Nextcloud integration with WHMCS?

It’s a fantastically useful module for hosting providers who want to resell cloud storage to their customers or have already sold their cloud storage. You don’t have to do any manual work with our module. Within WHMCS, you can create a variety of products.

Module Key Feature

Package for Resellers: When you purchase the reseller package, your end user can create a reseller with their own group name. It also allows you to customise the amount of space and user accounts you have. When an invoice is marked as paid, the reseller account and login credentials are mailed to the customer. This allows the user to login and create the necessary user (s).

5.WGS Linode Manager Module

Linode is the largest and most independent Cloud VPS server provider, founded in 2003, three years before AWS. If you want to resell Linode Servers to your clients through WHMCS, this is the WHMCS Addon Modules you need on your website. Our WHMCS Linode Server Manager Module enables WHMCS administrators to resell Linode Cloud Servers to their clients through the WHMCS Client Area. Clients can also manage their entire server options from the WHMCS client area, eliminating the need to log in to their Linode account.

Module Key Feature

  • Free Module Updates
  • One-Click Upgrade
  • Access To Premium Offers
  • Multi-Level Tech Support
  • 10 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Development licence available for 30 days on demand


NOC PS module is fully Automated Server Module. Both the user and the administrator can buy a new server from the WHMCS checkout and have it provisioned instantly without the need for admin intervention. The user may simply access their server from this module and carry out a number of actions like restarting, starting, stopping, or reinstalling the server. The user can examine a beautiful graph of the bandwidth usage. The IP Manager is this module’s most sophisticated function. There is no additional IP management add-on module that you must buy. The IP pool can be configured within the module. When a new machine is built, the provisioning module will randomly select a free IP from the IP pool and assign it to it.

Module Key Feature

  • Free Module Updates
  • One-Click Upgrade
  • Access To Premium Offers
  • Multi-Level Tech Support
  • 10 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Development licence available for 30 days on demand

7. WGS iRed Mail Module

Both the premium and free versions of iRedMail are compatible with this module. The topic of this module is iRedMail as a mail server option. The WGS iRedMail WHMCS Module is the finest module for you if you want to provide email hosting to your customers and want the simplest approach to automatically provision the email accounts. The key features of this module are domain addition, email account creation, suspension, and termination.

POP3, IMAP, and SMTP over TLS are all supported by default in iRedMail, which also provides a fantastic webmail client with full HTTPS compatibility.

8. Hetzner WHMCS Module

A WHMCS auto-provisioning tool called Hetzner Cloud Module enables you to manage Hetzner Cloud Instances from your WHMCS Billing Panel. Now let your customers control any function offered in the WHMCS client area. We’ve incorporated the Hetzner module’s user interface so that your clients won’t have any trouble operating their own cloud server. 

What sets apart our Hetzner Cloud module from cloud servers from other businesses is the server management interface. The Hetzner module is made in such a way that WHMCS administrators can easily resell or sell Hetzner’s cloud servers to their clients. Now, you may force customers to buy the cloud server items advertised on your website without even letting them know about the Hetzner reference. Additionally, Hetzner will be the only site that indirectly registers all user information.

Module Key Feature

  • Server Handling
  • IP Management
  • Monitor Bandwidth Usage
  • Monitor Graphical Usage
  • Enable BackUp
  • Access Remote Console Access
  • Reset Root Password
  • Server Configuration
  • Mount/Unmount ISO

9. AWS Lightsail WHMCS Provisioning Module

The simplest approach for developers, small organisations, students, and others to begin using AWS is through Amazon Lightsail.

Containers, virtual machines, databases, load balancers, CDN, DNS management, and other tools are all included in AWS Lightsail, and you may use it for a low monthly fee. An innovative solution that makes it simple for you to conveniently resell the AWS services directly within WHMCS is the all-in-one AWS Lightsail WHMCS Provisioning Module.

Make your items match the ever-changing needs of your customers by using the Amazon Lightsail Provisioning module into your business growth tactics!

Module Key Feature

  • Auto-Provisioning
  • Auto Configurable Options
  • Server Management Feature
  • Statistical Graphs
  • Snapshots Management
  • Firewall Management

10. Google Cloud VPS Module For WHMCS

With the use of this module, Google Cloud instances running directly on WHMCS may be fully automated and managed. This module is best suited for users who want to explore and monitor the state of virtual machines from start to finish as well as automate Google cloud server.

As an administrator, you can use the WHMCS admin section to access control panel functions, monitor VM logs, create multiple Google API accounts, and change resources like regions, images, disc types, and zones. Additionally, the module gives your clients the ability to start, stop, and reboot servers, update their SSH keys, change the Windows server password, and obtain comprehensive server information, such as the IP addresses and status. Use the Google Cloud VPS Module to monitor, manage, and automate each virtual machine instance in your organisation to run it more effectively.

Module Key Feature

  • Auto-Provisioning
  • Configurable Options
  • VM Management Feature
  • Restore
  • Statistical Graphs
  • ACL Groups
  • Snapshots
  • Firewalls
  • SSH Keys / Windows Password

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WGS offers outstanding and fully featured provisioning module that allow you to extend the functionality of your WHMCS. Its team has also worked on creating customised WHMCS Addons based on specific business requirements. WGS is constantly updating and improving the modules. Browse through our high-quality modules, which also offer 24/7 support.

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