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Shuchi Mudra Yogasan cures constipation and stomach ailments in one day

Nowadays, stomach problems have become common due to fast foods, junk foods, and more oil-spicy foods. Constipation, bloating, acidity, gas, indigestion, etc. are all common stomach ailments. Sometimes these diseases are easily cured in 2-4 days and sometimes the patient continues to struggle with these diseases for years and years. Even for some people, the problem of constipation and gas persists for life. All these diseases of the stomach can be easily cured forever by some diet and some yoga asanas.

Shuchi Mudra Yoga

Shuchi Mudra Yoga is a panacea for all stomach problems. It’s easy to do. For this, first of all, choose a quiet and cool place. Now close the fists of both your hands and place the hands on your chest. Now while taking a deep breath, straighten the right hand in front and raise the index finger upwards. And during this, keep your left hand on your chest. Now slowly bring the right hand to the previous position and keep it on the chest and do the same process with the left hand. After doing this mudra 5-5 times with both hands, make your fists for 15 minutes in such a way that the thumb presses on your ring finger.

For chronic constipation:

Shuchi Mudra Yoga provides relief for chronic constipation after a few days of practice. If you have just got constipated then you can do this mudra 5-6 times with both hands in the morning and evening. If you have chronic constipation, which is not getting cured easily, then do this action with both hands twice a day for 20-25 times. You can also do this action while lying on the bed.

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The stretching of the whole body is done by the practice of Kurmasana, due to which the metabolism of the body increases and the digestive system is strengthened and food is digested well. With this asana, there is good stretching of the spinal cord, which gets rid of a person who has a problem with back and neck pain. Apart from all this, it also reduces the symptoms of headaches and stress due to the production of happy hormones in the brain. By doing Kurmasana, the fat collected around the stomach is also reduced.

  • First of all, sit on the ground with both your feet spread forward. Then place the palms of both your hands on the ground parallel to your hips.
  • Then by applying light pressure, press your thighs on the ground and bend your legs and bend down towards the ground.
  • Then slowly try to raise your chest and neck.
  • In this position, hold your breath for a while and meditate.
  • And then slowly come back to the starting position.
  • Do this asana four to five times.

These people should not do Kurmasana:

People who have sciatica or sciatica and slip disc problems should not do this asana. Patients with a hernia and chronic arthritis should also avoid doing this asana.

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