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Six Items to Purchase for Decorating a Dorm Room

When you were a child, you probably did not get to contribute much to your bedroom’s décor. Your parents’ preferences determined its style, but if you are planning on moving away for college, you can decorate your dorm room at your convenience. Doing so may seem easy, but in actuality is a challenging and time-consuming endeavour. Purchasing the necessary items mentioned below is perhaps the first and most important step.

Quality Mattress

It is time to give away the futons, blowup beds, and mattresses that sag at the centre. When you become an adult, you need to take proper care of your back and joints so that they function for a prolonged period seamlessly. Thus, get a quality mattress that assures to offer enough support to your entire body. It also provides relief from fatigue and aches, or in other words, enhances relaxation to a great extent.

Nice Sheets

You deserve nice sheets that do not have snags or stains and feel soft against the skin. Instead of doing a mishmash of old sheets, buy bedding that is compatible with your entire room. It does not have to be extremely expensive. Many providers out there sell plush bedsheets for an affordable price. You simply need to find them out by surfing the internet.

Artwork for Walls

According to the top-notch cape town interior architects, empty walls compel a room to look incomplete. Your dorm room is going to be your home for the next couple of years, so give it a personal stamp by hanging a huge artwork over the dresser or headboard and few small ones to balance it. Artworks can include paintings, enlarged photographs, quilts, framed maps, architectural trim, etc.

Bedside Table

You need a bedside table to keep your mobile phone, laptop, charger, jewellery, water bottle, a lamp, some books, journal, a scented candle, a lamp, hand towels, and facial tissues. If there is enough space, get two bedside tables and arrange everything in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This is much better than dumping the items in a box or your cupboard.

Bedside Lamp

Dorm rooms usually have a small light bulb on the ceiling. For more lighting, you must get a bedside lamp. The reputed interior designers and decorators said that a small space needs at least two sources of light and a larger one three. You do not want to strain your eyes while working on projects, right?

Full-Length Mirror

After the bed, the next most significant element of your room is the dressing area. You must install a full-length mirror so that you can check out the entire outfit, shoes, makeup, and accessories before heading out every morning. If there is space crunch, attach the mirror inside the closet or at the back of the door.

While you can bring a few of the things stated above from your home, if you want your dorm room to look completely different from your childhood bedroom, it is better to buy everything new. Visit the thrift store in case of a restricted budget. After all, a typical college-goer will naturally not have money for luxurious or branded items. He or she also has to save for food, books, and means of transportation.

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