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Stepwise Process To Install Microsoft Power Automate Desktop


Creating effective automated procedures to boost productivity with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop becomes crucial for all business owners or IT experts. It is a platform with no or less coding. However, there are no specific prerequisites for learning to utilize this Power Automate Desktop. Moreover, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop is a business that allows you to combine all data analysis and apps. Therefore, to become proficient in this technology, it is necessary to have a Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Online Course. This course will make you understand the stepwise process of how to install this technology effectively.

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop: Overview

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop is a robust designer created by Microsoft that helps to automate daily monotonous operations. It comprises a web recorder for capturing web activity and a desktop recorder for recording desktop operations. Thus, to complete your daily duties, both online and desktop actions may be combined or conducted individually.

  • It supports RPA Power Automate capabilities.
  • RPA enables the automation of current and desktop workflow processes by capturing and replaying mouse and keyboard actions on an on-demand and planned basis.
  • This Power Automate Desktop includes drag and drop and record actions using the browser.
  • Also, Power Automate addon and browser drivers configure and replay these actions to perform specific tasks such as interacting with cloud flow, reading reports from Shared Drive, getting the latest trends from Google, and so on.

Installation Process of Power Automate Desktop:

The installation procedure includes everything you’ll need to record, modify, test your automation and connect to the cloud.

Step 1: Install Power Automate:

In order o install the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, follow the below steps:

  • First, Install Power Automate by downloading the installer setup.
  • Then, launch the Setup.Microsoft.PowerAutomate.exe program.
  • After downloading it in the previous step, this file is most likely in your Downloads folder.
  • To finish the installation procedure, follow the directions in the Power Automate for desktop setup installer.
  • Also, make your options for each feature to complete the installation.

Step 2: Set Data collection options:

You can adjust the default settings after installation if you do not wish to send usage data to Microsoft. To do so, uncheck “Allow Microsoft” to gather usage statistics to enhance Power Automate.

Step 3: Install the Power Automate browser Extension:

After completing the installation process, you must install and enable the Power Automate browser extension. You may use this extension to capture and perform web activities in your desktop flows. For such purposes, you can use the following browser extension.

Microsoft Edge:

To install Edge, follow the below steps:

  • At first, Install the Edge extension.
  • Then, choose Get, and then select Add extension when prompted.
  • If you see the message; This extension has been turned off in Microsoft Edge, at the top of the page, choose Turn on.

Google Chrome:

  • Firstly, install the Chrome extension
  • Then, select Add to Chrome and then select Enable extension when prompted.
  • If you see the message; This item has been disabled in Chrome on top of the page, choose Enable.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Install Firefox extension
  • Then, select Add to Firefox and then select Add when prompted.

Step 4: Install Power Automate Desktop silently

In order to install Power Automate Desktop silently, follow the below steps:

  • First, Install Power Automate on your computer.
  • Click on Start.
  • Look for Command Prompt and execute it as administrator.
  • Also, set the directory to Downloads or the directory into which you downloaded Power Automate.
  • Then, Input Setup.Microsoft.PowerAutomate.exe- Silent-Install -ACCEPTEULA
  • Here, the installer performs and completes the Power Automate installation.
  • Now, you can launch Power Automate from the Start menu.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the stepwise process to install Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, which helps the developer to automate daily monotonous operations. Thus, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Training in Delhi will allow you to become proficient in this software and help you with the installation process on your devices.


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