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Swimming: 9 Benefits for your health!

There are certainly many ways to keep fit, in good spirits and in good health. Training in a gym, running in a stadium or in nature, dancing, cycling, swimming with lifeguard recertification near me.

And in a country like ours with vast and very friendly coasts, it would be unfair not to dwell on the latter! Below we will refer to 9 benefits that can be obtained by anyone who includes swimming in their activities, whether in a swimming pool or in the sea.

Contributes to longevity

Swimming improves physical and mental health, things that can extend your life (41% lower chance of heart disease)

It has no age limit

Because water supports much of the body’s weight, it virtually eliminates stress on bones and joints, making swimming a perfectly safe sport at any age (from infancy to old age!)

It enhances physical strength

Whatever your swimming style, almost every muscle is activated, from your arms to your legs! And because water resistance acts as pressure on the body, muscle strength increases.

It’s good for your heart

Any form of aerobic exercise you know enhances the good functioning of the heart. Swimming is no exception. Regular swimming (3 times a week) lowers blood pressure and can lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

It burns calories

The whole effort of the body to float and move in the water is energy consuming, this involves burning calories! The exact number of calories is determined by many factors, but on average 255 calories* are burned every half hour. In the long run, the general image of the body improves and the dangerous visceral fat is not stored.

Safe recovery

People suffering from injuries or chronic conditions can find solace in swimming! Even people who have had an accident or suffer from arthritis can improve their daily life through swimming. It also has beneficial effects on pregnancy and subsequent recovery.

It relieves stress

In addition to the soothing properties of water on the body, the relief from stress and pressure is mainly due to focusing on the breath . Coordinating breathing with movements and controlling its rhythm are a powerful stress reliever for the body.

Improves your athletic ability in land activities

Over time swimming will improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, which means more endurance during activities, e.g. running or cycling.

Boosts energy and good mood

An aerobic activity such as swimming, releases the same substances in the body as those of running athletes, offering the same sensation! These endorphins , as they say, prevent bad moods, provide happiness and positivity that continue even outside the water!

Improves blood circulation

The combined movements of the upper and lower limbs and the chest together with the cardiorespiratory effort during the exercise, help to eliminate the fat around the heart. In this way, it becomes stronger and the blood circulates better.

With the better circulation that hydrostatic pressure offers to our body, nutrients circulate more easily and are better distributed throughout it. Only from this benefit do we understand how good exercise in water is for health, with the risk of cardiovascular diseases being significantly reduced, thus “shielding” our heart.

Strengthens the respiratory system

During swimming, we learn how to combine breathing with swimming techniques. The moist environment helps to expand the airways facilitating the flow of air in the body. In addition, the air inlet and outlet muscles are activated, resulting in a small increase in the lungs and therefore a greater capacity to absorb oxygen.

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