The Best Gaming Phones to Buy in 2022

Smartphones are used for multiple purposes today. One of the most important things that people look up to is the camera and the processor of the smartphone. However, there are gaming addicts in the market who keep on searching for the right cell phone. A cell phone needs a great processor to process a high graphics game.

It could be difficult for gamers to figure out which phone to buy to process their favorite games. While you sell old mobile in India and switch to a suitable gaming phone you can research about it. Here is a list of some android smartphones that are aimed at and made for gamers.


  1. Asus ROG Phone 6 pro

The Asus ROG phone six pros have been in the game for a long time now. It is one of the best-marketed gaming mobile phones. It is powered by a snapdragon 8+ generation one chip. The display is 165 HZ. The battery power capacity of the mobile phone is around 6000 MAH.

It is surprisingly having 18GB of RAM. It has another unique feature of the PMOLED screen that will show up incoming calls, notifications or any other features that the notified. However, it is highly expensive as compared to other gaming mobile phones in the market. Yet the performance is incredible and people look up to this mobile phone.


  1. Asus ROG Phone 5

The Asus ROG phone five is just another mobile phone under the brand for gamers. It features a bulky design display, and a 144HZ A MOLED screen. It is powered by a 3000 MH battery. The processor is snapdragon 888. The RAM provided is 16GB and can handle almost all the games available on the android Google store.

The mobile phone is equipped with Nintendo to switch KUNAI5 controllers. The fan power is by AERO active cooler five cooling systems. The cameras are better than other gaming phones as it is not even required that much. However, people also complain about the size and the weight of the mobile phone. Yet the frequent gamers will never look onto that as long as the features a


  1. Black shark 5 pro

Black shark 5 pros are the ideal phone for many gamers. It features a 144HZ refresh rate. It provides the best performance in the gaming sector mobile phone with a magnetic trigger and gesture-activated shortcut. The charging power is also wonderful as the charging time covers around 100% in under 30 minutes. The mobile phone also has triggers that pop up from the body of the mobile phone itself.

There is no need of adding any additional accessories to make the experience interesting. The camera is 108 megapixels which is the rear camera. The mobile phone is expensive compared to many other mobile phones for gaming in the market. However, it is equipped with many other features as well rather than just a gaming phone.


  1. Red Magic 7 Pro

The red magic 7 pros is just another phone added to the game was late. It is considered the upgrade version of red magic 7. However, not a lot of changes have been noticed in the red magic 7 pros. The display provides registering touch input at 9608Z. The screen refresh rate is only around 120HZ. There is also an under-display selfie camera. The screen provides a perfect experience for gamers and also delivers the best selfies. However, if you already have the red magic 7 you might not want to upgrade to the red magic 7 pros. It is because the price is much more than compared the previous device.


  1. iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone and Apple’s name are enough whether it is about gaming mobile phones or any other features. The iPhone 13 pro max features a 6.7inches display and is powered by a 15 bionic chip. One of the most powerful chip shares in the market right now is used by the company. It provides with incredible viewing experience for gamers because of the XDR display.

It provides 120HZ with a refresh rate and is the highest competitor when it comes to other android devices. With the newest launch of one TV storage available in the market, it has brought out something unique from the other rivalry. This is the happiest moment for the gamers as they can store the entire library of mobile games that they like on the TV smartphone



As we see that mobile phones are specialized hardware and also have clip-on controllers. This makes a give me experience better for the gamers. Other systems such as Ram? CPU or GPU can help the phone to keep up with all of these experiences. However, these high-end devices will always require A visit to a mobile repair shop near you. The maintenance of this device is a must as they take a lot of pressure daily.







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