The Best Treestands for Hunting – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to being a successful and efficient hunter. The right set of hunting gear can mean all the difference. This is especially true when it comes to your time in the hunt. Spending as much time in the treestand as possible is a great way to increase your success rate on games.

Many hunters think that treestands are only for people who are too scared or lazy to spend hours crouched in a tree waiting for game to pass by. If you’re looking to improve your hunting performance or just have an easier time getting away from home, read on to find out everything you need to know about treestands.


What is a treestand?

A treestand is any device or set up that allows you to stand on a tree as opposed to sitting or lying down. These devices can be almost anything from a simple ladder to a full-blown climbing rig. Treestands have been around for a long time but have been growing in popularity as modern materials have become cheaper and more easily available.


How to choose a good treestand?

These are the main aspects to look for when choosing a treestand 

Durability and Safety – The last thing you want is your treestand collapsing while you’re sitting in it, or worse, falling out of it and breaking your leg. Look for stands with a full-metal construction and reinforced joints. 

Ease of Use – Make sure the stand is simple to use. The last thing you want is to waste time trying to get your stand set up in the middle of the night or in the pouring rain.

Stealth – You want your stand to blend in with the surrounding environment as much as possible. Avoid any stands that are bright or flashy and opt for darker, muted colours. 

Price – You’re not going to find a top-quality, professional-grade stand for $20. However, there are many high-quality and durable treestands for under $100.


Types of Treestands

Stand-on stand – These types of stands are probably the most common and are used by a large number of hunters. They can be mounted on the side of a tree or even in the middle of a large tree trunk, allowing you to stand on them and look out in all directions.

Stand-off stand – A stand-off stand, as the name suggests, is one that is set off from the tree. It can be set up on the ground and only attached to the tree with a swivel and a rope or a strap. You can then stand on it and look out in whichever direction you want.

Stand-up stand – A stand-up tree stand is a type of hunting stand that allows the user to stand up while hunting in the tree. Such stands are more expensive than typical sit-down tree stands, but they also provide better visibility and are easier to climb.

Stand-on-stand stand – This is a more expensive option that is commonly used by professional hunters. It basically consists of two stand-on stands that are mounted side by side.


Fitting Tips for treestands

– Before you invest in a new treestand, find a tree that is sturdy and free of branches and other obstructions. You want your stand to be as close to the trunk as possible for added stability.  Make sure your stand can hold your weight and that it’s not leaning against the tree in any way that could cause it to break under pressure. You have the right harness. You want a harness that will be comfortable and able to support you. Must be sure your leg straps are pulled as tight as possible. You want your stand to be as stable as possible.



Hunting from a treestand is a great way to increase your effectiveness while in the field. It allows you to be more patient and relaxed. It provides you with a better view of the surrounding area. When purchasing a stand, look for one that is sturdy and safe, and also easy to use. Avoid stands that are loud or flashy, as they may scare away games. And above all, remember to make sure you have the right harness to keep you safe and comfortable . With the right set of gear, you can make your hunt more enjoyable and increase your success in the field. 

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