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The Five things to remember when creating a website

There are many things you should know when you are developing a website for your business or for some client. In this post, we will cover the 5 most important points.

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  1. Host a domain with good service

The first page is always the best. Every web page starts with understanding what hosting is and how to get a domain. Then, you can hire the best option in each case.

Your reserved cloud space is required to host a web page. You also need an address (or URL), to be capable of accessing it. That hosting would be that, and the URL the domain which points to it.

They complement one another and allow the web to be viewed and optimized based on their respective characteristics.


  1. The best content manager.

A content manager is a tool that allows you to create and maintain a web page without any programming knowledge. WordPress is the best content manager. It is powerful and offers infinite possibilities.

An alternative to the content manager would be to program it with code. This is not an option if we are looking to do it ourselves and do not need to hire a developer. This option is also much more costly.


  1. Define why and how

Before we can design a website or choose a domain, it is important to define the purpose of the website. What are we trying to accomplish?

There is no objective without a focus. You are correct, friends every webpage has a meaning and an explanation.

It is crucial to know what you want from your website and to communicate it to the user. This will help us plan the content and structure based on what we are trying to achieve. Without this information, there are very few chances of our website being effective and converting.


  1. Let’s talk about web design

What should the design of our website look like? Style and design will vary depending on the message we wish to convey, and above all, on the corporate identity of our brand.

The design of an interior design company will be different. It should be clean, modern, and minimalist. A nursery will need to be bright and colorful.

It is also not the same for more serious clients. We have to be more distant and sober.

It is recommended that we have a brand that represents us, taking into consideration the above factors. The website and its style should also be extensions of that brand.

What is common in all web pages is the following:

  • The images are high quality (and better if they’re yours).
  • It should be easy to use. It is essential that your website be functional and attractive (UX/UI Design) and that things are placed where they can easily be found.
  • Make it readable. Texts with sufficient color contrast and size for reading. There are online tools to measure this contrast.
  • It should be responsive. It adapts to all devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.


  1. Positioning

It is difficult to position a website page. We must also know that publishing it does not suffice. However, it takes many continuous actions to get it to the top of Google.

SEO is a strategy to bring traffic to a website. Any strategy that leads users there could be valid.

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