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Tips for a Perfect TV Location in Your Home

Tips for a Perfect TV Location in Your Home

Decorating home in real life means working with the various technologies we employ daily. For instance, televisions are often the centre of attention in the room in which they are. However, choosing a place for your television without compromising furniture arrangement or design can be challenging. Here are some ways to ensure the perfect placement of your TV within your home. Best furniture in London are most well-known for their services in the construction industry; in addition, their prices are more affordable when compared to those of other furniture businesses in the United Kingdom.

Find an Energy Source

Find the closest power source in the area where you’d like to set up your TV. Ensure the power source can handle other accessories, including Blu-ray players, game consoles and audio systems. The most important thing is for your TV to trigger your circuit breaker.


The first thing to remember is that when you’re not mounting your TV on a wall, it must be set at eye level. Proper placement ensures you won’t strain your neck while gazing up and down at the television screen for long durations. A height of about four feet above the ground is typically enough.

To figure out the ideal viewing distance to determine the ideal viewing distance, multiply the width of the diagonal television screen by 3. Based on the size of the room that houses the television, it is possible that you won’t attain the ideal distance, but you should try to come closest to it as you can.

Consider the location of windows and how much glare could reflect off the screen. Be aware multiple times throughout the day, and consider where the sun could cause problems.

Select a Focal Point

If you would like your television to be the main focal feature of your room, position it in a central spot so that all people in a sitting area can comfortably watch it. If you have a central feature in your space like fireplaces or mantels, think about putting the TV over it to enhance the space instead of drawing attention away from other elements within your room.

Hide It

You might want to consider putting your TV in an armoire or cabinet with doors that close to prevent it be in view even when you’re not in the room. Be sure to have holes at the rear of the cabinet for the cords to go through (or make holes yourself). If you have children using the cabinet, be sure it’s simple for them to close and open.

Integrate It

Set your TV on a piece of furniture such as a bookcase. You can cover your TV in books, ornamental objects, and photos to incorporate it into your interior decor. Integrate it into the area by creating a gallery wall of photographs or artwork with black frames.

We hope you have been enthused by our article detailing our top tips for the best TV placement in your home. If you’re searching for contemporary furniture for your TV to pair with your TV, contact Smart Furniture today!



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