Tire-changing expenses due to bad habits

Tire damage can occur from parking on uneven surfaces, staying in one spot for too long, or driving up onto the sidewalk. There are a lot of people driving around without realizing they need to protect or take care of their tires because they last so long (typically between three and five years). Furthermore, many car owners believe tires do not need to be cared for too carefully because they are only an external detail. Inadvertently reducing the vehicle’s lifespan and safety on the road is poor tire maintenance and other driving habits.

A device for inflating tires

An overinflated tire can explode if it hits a hard surface like a stone, nail, or the pavement. A tire can burst even after being driven for a long time in hot weather.

Conversely, underinflated tires will wear out quickly due to the large contact surface, especially when carrying heavy loads, and will also damage the rims and shock absorbers.

When inflating tires, follow the manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels as shown on the door stamp. In the colder months, they can be inflated to a higher pressure, while the warmer months require less than 0.1 kgf/cm2 (often called “weigh”). Aftermarket Wheels And Tires should be set at the manufacturer-recommended pressure and inflation levels.


Many motorists have the bad habit of parking their cars in an uneven manner, which causes uneven tire wear. Wheels parked on the road surface tend to wear out more quickly than those parked on the sidewalk. Parking in this manner also leads to uneven suspension wear.

Parking too closely to the curb can cause the tire to scrape the concrete, and parking in an awkward angle can lead to a flat. Some drivers are so careless that they park with only one tire on the road. When The other half on the sidewalk, permanently distorting the wheel.

Since rubber is more resistant to heat, parking in the sun can also be detrimental. Parking on steep inclines puts stress on tires that can cause early wear.

If you plan on leaving your car parked for an extended period of time, it’s important to remember to keep the tires inflated to a higher pressure than the manufacturer suggests. Then pick a level parking spot, and turn the engine on once a week.

Car Maintenance and Repairs

You shouldn’t drive on off-road roads with lots of rocks. If you have universal tires designed for city driving or driving on flat terrain. In addition to rapid acceleration and deceleration, rapid cornering at high speeds can also accelerate tire wear.

It’s also inappropriate to drive quickly over a speed bump or down a pothole. Tire wear, distortion, or explosion are all possible outcomes of extreme force and folding.

For the best and safest tire performance, drivers should also make tire rotation and dynamic balancing regular habits.

As tires wear, their performance decreases significantly, so the stopping distances of a car with illegal tires against a vehicle with full tread are poles apart. To see over half the cars coming into our garage having either illegal or borderline tires is very worrying.”

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