Top 10 Fun Places In Pune That Will Take Your Spirits Up High In 2022

The exhilarating experience of the best of Pune is here to enthrall each one with the lovely locations to visit. In addition, certain outstanding hotels in Pune provide their guests with a restorative experience. So, to make the most of your stay here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 fun places in Pune that will take your spirits up high in 2022. Because the epidemic has made us appreciate the importance of a nice holiday, let us go on this amazing roller coaster journey.

  1. Market Places

Starting with the city’s most vibrant areas. The market areas are the finest venues to uncover the true ethnicity of the site. Juna Bazaar, Fashion Street, Tulsi Baug, and Fergusson College Road are just a few examples. Each offers distinctive shopping opportunities, including street cuisine, stylish clothing, and souvenirs. The market areas are a genuine shopping heaven.

  1. Shaniwar Wada Palace

The palace was previously the seat of the Peshwa of Maratha and is so historically noteworthy. It depicts the culture of the city, and by exploring it, one might unravel the mysteries of the past.

Entry Time- 8am- 6.30pm

  1. Aga Khan Palace

The beautifully crafted white structure, built in the 19th century, is a wonderful example of Italian architecture style and bears significance throughout the Independence.

Entry Time- 9:00am- 5:30pm

  1. Sinhagad fort

During a visit to Pune, a climb to the Sinhagad Fort is a must-do. The beauty of the nature paths, as well as the final vista from up there, is something you will remember for a long time.

Entry Time- 5am- 6pm

  1. Pataleshwar Cave temple

The Hindu Temple, a rock-cut structure, dates back to the 8th century. Seek divine blessings, admire the structure’s magnificence and discover the sections that discuss Hindu Religious Tales.

Entry Time- 8am- 5.30pm

  1. Empress garden

This charming park, located in the city’s heart, is a favourite picnic location for both locals and tourists. While enjoying a leisurely stroll, admire the greenery and the diversity of the area’s flora.

  1. Adlabs imagica

Welcome to the city’s most exciting spot, where the greatest level of entertainment is presented. The country’s largest theme park offers endless rides and games for visitors of all ages.

Entry Time- 10.30am- 8pm

  1. Shinde Chattri

The military memorial honours Mahadji Shinde, a leader from the 18th century. The most alluring feature is the magnificent architecture. Visitors to the area stop here to admire the beauty of the structure.

Entry Time- 6am- 9pm

  1. Parvati hill

The hill, which has a temple on top and offers a stunning view, is another destination for trekking. Visitors may relax and observe the entire city of Pune after seeking heavenly blessings at the temple.

Entry Time- 5am- 8pm

  1. Dagdusheth Halwai Temple

The well-known Lord Ganesh temple attracts pilgrims from all around the world. Dagadusheth Halwai Temple was named after a sweetmeat merchant. The temple’s celebrations are held with tremendous fervour and devotion.

Entry Time- 6am- 11pm

Each location has its unique tale that will entice people to visit. Now that the destinations have been chosen, the ideal lodging may add charm to the entire holiday. Here is a list of the best hotels in Pune that offer the greatest services.

  • Treebo Trend Yash Inn Kahradi
  • Treebo Trend Park View
  • Treebo Trend Brahma Regency
  • Treebo Trend Punest Hotel
  • Treebo trend Eagle Executive
  • Treebo Trend Brooks Manor

The hotels in Pune are luxurious and conveniently adjacent to all key amenities and the places mentioned above. High-end amenities and perks are offered. The following are complimentary tokens for a peaceful time:

  • Free Breakfast
  • Unlimited Wifi
  • Treebo Toiletries

Raising the bar an extra notch to make you want to stay and enjoy the city’s many places. All the hotels under Treebo adhere to Treebo Hygiene Shield Safety to provide a safe and sanitized stay.


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