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Top 10 Pointers for Writing an Acknowledgement in a Macroeconomics Assignment

Writing an acknowledgment is a way of saying “Thank You” to everyone who has supported you with your assignment. You may also thank the companies that assisted you in completing your dissertation successfully (thedissertationhelp, 2022). You express your appreciation to those who assist you. However, people often struggle to say “thank you” in a natural way because saying it repeatedly sounds awkward and uninteresting. It is the most ignored section of any assignment either macroeconomics or any other and most students prefer to go through the Assignment Writing Service to get their acknowledgment page done.


Therefore, you must thank everyone who supported you in completing the project, as is customary in most acknowledgments. You must express gratitude to everyone who helped you in completing this project. Teachers, school, friends, and family can all be included. These acknowledged notes are for a straightforward school project. So you only need a few sentences to write a brief acknowledgment section.


You can simply thank your teacher and your school/college for macroeconomics projects. However, it is great to include your school principal, friends, family, or anyone else who you believe has guided you with this assignment. If you’re not sure what to write in the acknowledgment column of your Macroeconomic assignment, then this blog will be Macroeconomics Assignment Help for you.


  1. A place for writing acknowledgment

The acknowledgment section is not an important part of the assignment (Hyland, 2004). But it is typically written near the beginning of a project report, right after the table of contents. When writing acknowledgments for research papers, you can do so at the end, immediately following the conclusion, and prior to the reference list.


  1. Length of acknowledgment

If you’re writing for a thesis or dissertation, an acknowledgment should be no more than one page long. Your acknowledgment should be as brief as possible, and you should thank everyone who has assisted you with the assignment. You should at least write a paragraph or two of appreciation to your college or school and your teachers or instructors for a concise college or school project. Your acknowledgment section can be as short as 1-2 paragraphs or 100-150 words.

  1. People Who Need to be  Addressed in a Dissertation Acknowledgement

Before beginning to write a thesis acknowledgment, list everyone who helped you or is connected to the study in some way. When things seemed so complicated, these people may have given you encouragement or may have proofread your writing. Consider including the following people in your acknowledgment:


  • Your supervisor.
  • Your study department’s academic crew.
  • Organizations that took part in the study.
  • Personnel with technical expertise.
  • Personnel who provide assistance.

Please keep in mind that only family members who assisted you directly during the study should be listed when discussing family members.


  1. Phrases to Use in Acknowledgements

If you wish to make the acknowledgment page stand out, you should look at macroeconomics acknowledgment examples. The following are some common phrases found in thesis acknowledgments.


  • “I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to…”
  • “I’d like to express my appreciation to…”
  • “I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation to…”
  • “I’d like to thank everyone who helped make this project a success.”
  • “I am grateful to…”
  • “It is greatly appreciated that your excellent advice for my study was instrumental in the study’s success.”
  • “I would like to thank you all for your invaluable assistance during my studies.”


  1. Formatting the acknowledgments

As a general rule, the acknowledgment section should consist of just one brief paragraph, approx, six lines long. Examine the target journal’s format to see if the heading is on a separate line or if it runs on one line. Additionally, make sure the heading is bold or italic  Although the acknowledgment section’s headings may be numbered in the main body of the macroeconomic research paper, they are not. Within the paragraph, no special formatting should be used. Acknowledgments effectively signal the end of a research paper’s main body. Of course, references come after them, but that is a different story.


  1. Who shouldn’t be Acknowledged?

There are no mentions of parents, relatives, or friends in research paper acknowledgments, in contrast to dedications and acknowledgments frequently found in books. Likewise, people who perform a service as part of their duties (such as technical staff, field assistants, and so forth) are typically not included. It’s also not appropriate to acknowledge department heads, lab directors, or others in comparable roles on a regular basis; only mention them if they went above and beyond to assist you.


  1. Use appropriate tone

It can be challenging to know how to include some personal writing at the conclusion of a technical project because the acknowledgment section is a typical feature at the end of a macroeconomics formal thesis or dissertation. Make sure to follow the below rules:

  • Write in the first person, using professional language.
  • First and foremost, thank your professional contacts.
  • Include professional acknowledgments’ complete names, titles, and roles.
  • Include friends, family, and even pets as personal or intangible supporters.
  • Mention funding organizations and what they funded.
  • Identify participants in research as anonymously as possible, group them, or use non-personal acknowledgments.


  1. Avoiding using  inappropriate language

Make your acknowledgment page professional, brief, and less formal as compared to the rest of the text, but specific to the people who facilitated you along the way. Don’t use :

  • Use slang or informal language.
  • lengthier than one page
  • Mentioning those who only had a small or tangential influence on your work.


  1. Address any financial assistance you may have received

If your project received financial assistance from an institute or research organization, such as a grant, fellowship, or scholarship, thank the institute or organization by mentioning their name and list any contacts you may have had with the group.

If any fellowships or scholarships supported your scholarship at the University, it would also be appropriate to mention them in this section.


  1. The most significant professors should come first

The thesis advisor or main professor supervising your project is generally the most important person to honor in the acknowledgment, followed by any thesis committee members and other academic supervisors who are involved directly with your project.


Wrapping up

When you start writing a macroeconomic acknowledgment, you should put your everything into making it shine. You want to be genuine while also impressing the readers in the first sections of your assignment. This blog has shown how to write an effective acknowledgment and use this to set the tone for the assignment.


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