Top 3 Best Places For Young Entrepreneurs to Call Home

Young entrepreneurs and young professionals have many options about where they would like to purchase real estate and live an amazing life. Each of these locations has not just seen an increase in real estate and property value, but there’s also no shortage of exciting things to do and see!

Scottsdale’s Old Town

Old Town Scottsdale is an area that combines traditional elegance and modernity. The arts, culture, and entertainment options add to the character of the place, as do the shopping and dining choices on 5th Avenue, which are simply feet from each other.

It is possible to walk through over 70 galleries of art on Main Street, which was recently named America’s Best “Main Street.” There are numerous excellent places to visit within Old Town, including Scottsdale Waterfront, Optima Camelview, and the vibrant entertainment district.

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1. Western Spirit: The Museum of the West in Scottsdale

The Museum celebrates the art, culture, and unique tales from the 19 countries that comprise the American West. Hundreds of Western artifacts and rare historical pieces loaned from the world’s most famous institutes and collectors are displayed in the exhibitions that rotate. The contemporary 43,000-square-foot structure is a stunning architectural masterpiece built to meet the highest ecological and conservation standards.

2. Scottsdale Fashion Square

Scottsdale Fashion Square Scottsdale Fashion Square in Downtown Scottsdale offers guests unparalleled eating, shopping, and entertainment. In walking distance from the largest shopping mall in Arizona are famous restaurants, art galleries, and resorts.

3. Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor

The Ice Cream Parlor/Restaurant has served great American food, and tasty ice cream delights to loyal tourists and local clients. The original soda fountain from 1950 can seat ten, their table service seats one hundred, and the reservation room can accommodate 40 people.

Since the beginning, they’ve remained nearly the same in their menu design, decor, and location. The Sugar Bowl has been classified as a Scottsdale Founding Business and added to Scottsdale’s Historic Preservation Register.

The rent ranges from $1,150 to $13,500 a month, and the average is around $2,705. The median cost for homes to sell within Old Town, Scottsdale, is $622,500.


Nashville is a city that never ceases to impress with its unparalleled entertainment industry and its unique food culture. Yes, country music is an attraction, but the capital city of Tennessee has an incredibly strong economy that ranks highly in many fields, such as banking and health care. In addition, a thriving Nashville property market with low prices for homes draws buyers to the massive metropolitan region home to around 2 million residents.

A further draw is Nashville’s many areas that can be walked around, filled with live entertainment venues, stylish bars, famous restaurants, and amazing art and art walks, creating a vibrant, Southern city, a terrific location to explore or live.


1. Grand Ole Opry House

The Grand Ole Opry has hosted some of the world’s famous artists. This well-known landmark has hosted artists like Johnny Cash, the Charlie Daniels Band, Alan Jackson, and Ricky Skaggs. The first concert was held in 1925 and has become among the top sought-after iconic landmarks in the history of country music. Visitors can take part in a wide selection of shows and events such as bluegrass and gospel, folk, Americana, and even comedy.

2. Nashville Motor Speedway

The Dover Motorsports Group created the largest track made of concrete exclusively that is on the NASCAR schedule in 2001. The 1.33-mile oval with a D shape includes 14 degrees of banking, and the road course is a variation and also nighttime lighting. The seating capacity of the grandstand is 25,000 and could be extended by as many as 150,000 seating.

3. Centennial Park

If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to spend the day with your loved ones, go to Centennial Park. The park is located west of downtown and has a range of thrilling activities. There is the Parthenon is one of the park’s most popular attractions.

The rent ranges between $3909 and $9005, and the average is $1500. The median listing for a home is $420,000.


According to a Redfin survey, Austin is the second most accessible city in Texas. Texas is famous for its trips on the road and oil companies, but Austin was always unique. Because of this, the neighborhoods of Austin are buzzing with activity. And, if you’d like to get rid of your vehicle at your home, you’ll be able to lead a fulfilling life.

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1. Barton Springs Pool

One of Austin’s top tourist attractions is the famous Barton Springs Pool. This spot allows swimming all year round in perfect water conditions, no matter the season. Bring your whole family along or join a group of friends for a swim.

The water in Barton Springs Pool comes from Barton Spring, one of Texas’s most significant natural springs. It is used to ensure pool replenishment and also for cleaning.

It has a constant temperature all year. In summer, it’s cold enough to take a bath, while in winter temperatures, it’s hot enough to take a dip.

2. McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park, located close to Austin, is among the most popular State parks located in Texas. The park covers 700 acres and boasts stunning natural features, outdoor activities, and historical sites.

Bicycling, hiking fishing, and mountain biking are only some of the options available in the region. There are many paths to discover, where you can find a vast range of animal and plant species.

Camping is permitted at 80 camping spots for tents and RVs. If you love being outdoors, visiting McKinney Falls State Park is sure to demonstrate the reasons why it’s one of the top tourist destinations in Austin.

3. Austin Bats and the Congress Avenue Bridge

In the evening take a stroll over The Congress Avenue Bridge to view one of Austin’s most breathtaking sight-seeings. More than a million bats live beneath the bridge, and they come out in the night. When you witness the bizarre scene, you’ll see the reason Austin loves its weirdness.

Congress Avenue Bridge Congress Avenue Bridge is an arch bridge that crosses Lady Bird Lake and connects Downtown Austin to South Austin. The design of the bridge as well as its environment, make it ideal for breeding bats. It’s the home of the largest city-based bat colony.

The summer months are the best time to view bats. At nighttime, a huge crowd gathers to see the bats fly. There are a variety of locations that offer great views of the activity.

The festival is filled with fantastic music, food vendors, and a bat costume contest. The mid-August Bat Fest honors the winged residents.

The rent can range between $484 and $13,588 per month, with an estimated median expense of just $2275. In 2022, the median price of a home listed in Austin was $550,000.

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