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Top 5 Interior Design Styles to Make Your House Different

Have you been planning on decorating your home? For thematic inspiration, please check out the given write-up, which explores five major interior design styles ideal for contemporary residences. The practitioners amalgamate elements from several styles together, but it is necessary to detect the fundamental aspects of each.


The renowned affordable interior designers in Cape Town said bohemian style captivates the adventurous and carefree spirit usually associated with avant-garde lifestyles. It features several bright colors, especially purple and red tones and rich patterns. The aim is to present a messy look cautiously. Layer the rugs, tapestry, pillows, and throws for that cozy ambience.

When it comes to furniture, please purchase pieces that possess a nomadic or ethnic vibe. Research has shown that Southwestern, Moroccan, and tribal-influenced designs are at present trending. Metallic or animal hide accents have also been integral to the bohemian style.


Scandinavian interior design is minimalistic and ideal for people who lead a hectic life. It combines playful shades and gentle contours and creates a perfect balance between organic and engineered materials. The Scandinavian furniture is simple. Yes, they do not look gaudy but are known for their functionality.

Many Scandinavian-designed houses employ the Bauhaus principle, which is characterized by a focus on object proportions, fluid lines, and populist appeal. They have grey colours as the foundation.


Renowned and affordable interior designers in Cape Town said industrial style stresses the use of distressed wood and steel, at times complemented with exposed bricks. The modern version includes copper accents; thus, a house looks maturely rustic.

A notable aspect of industrial décor is clearer lines with rugged yet elaborate ornamentation. One can opt for antique furniture of darker colors depending on the taste. Explore local shops to purchase a rustic dining table, tufted sofas, and other essential pieces.


Nautical design is usually described as relaxing, positive, and warm. Also known as a cottage or coastal décor, it tends to bring that New England beach house feels. The walls and ceilings are usually colored in white with a splash of blue here and there.

In terms of materials, nautical design invests in tables and chairs made of unfinished wood, together with linen upholstery for the sofas and lounge seats. Other decorative accents that impressed a larger segment of the population include jute ropes, clear jars, sailboats, rowing oars, nautical maps, etc.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic design highlights the vintage elements replicating the ancient flea market appearance. The furniture looks aged or is deliberately provided with signs of wear and tear because they are manufactured of distressed wood, which is covered in polished milk paint.

The decorative accents must be abundant and soft and have an affected feel that brings the entire interior to a fashionable standard. Introduce linen for incorporating more style. Though shabby chic calls for orthodox shades such as pastel, white, and ecru, do not shy away from applying a few vibrant colors.

Now that is a wrap for the most celebrated interior design styles. Hope the above write-up helps you decorate your home. Liberate your approach and mind when perceiving the styles from creative angles because the professional you hire will probably bridge a wide range of elements.


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