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Top 5 Most Popular Japan Watch Brands in 2022

The watch is one of the remarkable achievements of the Japanese jewelry industry with outstanding features compared to conventional watches. Based on factors such as brand, design style, materials, and outstanding functions, in this article, we will explore together 5 “made in Japan” watch brands that are making the rounds. market in Vietnam in particular as well as in many other countries around the world.

  • Orient

Anyone who is passionate about watches knows that Orient is one of the three big names in the fashion watch world from the country of the rising sun. This company was founded in 1950, formerly a small watch shop, focusing on developing mechanical watches with a Swiss-inspired style. Historically, while many other watch brands pursued quartz watches that were both beautiful and cheap, Orient, on the contrary, remained attached and developed a more quintessential mechanical line. With constant efforts, launching many new products, the Orient brand has become popular in the world. Today Orient is a member of the Seiko group.

  • Seiko

Do you wonder why Seiko is the first watch brand in Japan? This is a long-standing Japanese brand that is more than 140 years old, the largest of the major Japanese brands. Exactly 88 years after its founding, Seiko has left an amazing mark when it comes to Quartz watches with extremely small errors, cheap prices and thin. This invention has somewhat shaken the Swiss, which is popular around the world. Gradually Seiko launched more advanced watches such as digital watches, liquid crystal displays, clear numbers that can be seen clearly even in the dark. The first Seiko Kinetic watch was launched and made a big breakthrough in the market at that time. This is a “hybrid” watch line between mechanical and quartz movements, integrating the outstanding advantages of both previous watch lines.

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  • Casio watch

Casio doesn’t only manufacture Casio watches but also develops many other fields, but regardless of the product, it is developed with the enthusiasm of the founder. Casio is a watch company that provides an enjoyable user experience. On a watch, for example, you may see specific time numbers across different time zones. Provides both temperature, barometric pressure as well as altitude above sea level. Casio develops two lines of analog and digital , making a significant contribution to Japan’s technological progress. Gradually, Casio launched watch lines with 3 main advantages: water resistance, strong impact resistance and focus on the battery life of the watch. The watch lines are all operated on Quartz and battery-powered and in terms of design, they often have a sporty, dynamic personality.

  • Citizen

Citizen is one of the most popular brands in Japan with a mission to bring the majority of users the most luxurious and modern luxury watches. The brand has 3 large watch lines with affordable price segments.

The first is Eco-Drive, you do not need to wave your hand or wind up like a mechanical watch, nor do you need to change the battery like a Quartz, because it runs on natural energy. In addition, this is the company’s exclusive technology with diverse designs and beautiful designs, diverse materials and features. The company’s second line of watches is developed with Quartz technology – a watch technology with Japan’s own stamp of accuracy, the error is only about 0.5s/day. Finally, Citizen’s line of silent warrior-mechanical watches is as high-quality as other watches. However, this line is not very popular in the market.

  • OP watch

OP stands for Olym Pianus – Olympia Star, which is a fairly popular brand in Japan. As its name suggests, the company targets two trending watch lines: the Olym Pianus using a Japanese Quartz movement and the Olympia Star using a Swiss Movt standard Swiss movement. The difference is only in the mechanism of action but the quality is relatively similar to a little bit of the Olympic Games. OP is highly appreciated for its meticulously crafted materials with a mid-range segment that is affordable for the vast majority of Southeast Asians. Besides, the company’s advantage is that the products are equipped with sapphire glass instead of hard glass like other brands.

Final Thought

Compare the advantages of the above 5 watch brands based on the criteria of quality, brand and price, you can refer to it to choose the most suitable one for you! No matter where in the world you live, you can buy your favorite watches from major retailers around the world and find hundreds of useful discount codes at FindCouponHere and CouponPlay. You can find the deals and coupons to redeem on all online stores around the world and shop your favorite watches at online retailers for less on

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