Bangalore is a well-known city with lots of trekking spots for adventure-seeking people. Here are the top five treks which an adventurous person should not miss while being in Bangalore.


1. Nandi Hills


Nandi Hills is a famous spot for the sunrise and sunset views. The trekking experience will be so moderate. This place also has significance, that is, The Great warrior, Tipu Sultan’s summer palace is situated in this area. You can climb up to 1200 steps through this hill to reach here. Tipu’s Drop is a rock that is also a thing of attraction to the visitors. The very famous Amrita Sarovar flows through this place, giving a mesmerizing view to the people.


People used to visit here to experience many adventures like paragliding. From 6 am to 10 pm the hills will be open. The Best time to visit here is from March to August since monsoon time will be the best to visit here. Major Hindu temples are also situated here including the Yoga Nandeeshwara temple and the Bhoganandishwara temple.


2. Makalidurga


One of the hardest trekking points in Bangalore is Makalidurga which is 60 km from Bangalore. This place is covered completely with vegetation as well as some shrubs. This place is famous for the granite hillocks too. The road to this place is so curvy. This is such a marvelous destination for taking pictures. So, if you are a person who loves photography, this is the best destination.


Hey Daredevils, you will have a great time in the forest area too. Also, you can visit Lord Krishna Temple there. You can delve deep into the surrounding forest and can visit Lord Krishna Temple there. There are some ruins of forts which are also the center of attraction for many trekkers. You should carry food and hydrate yourself with water as there won’t be any restaurants nearby.


3. Anthargange


Anthargange is situated at a distance of 80 km from Bangalore. This is a place that offers trekking for around 3 km. This place gained fame for its Natural Volcanic Rock Formation. Do, here you can explore the volcanic rocks, the rocky caves, tiny hillocks, etc. In these rocky caves trekkers used to camp overnight as well. This trail is such a tricky one and is very popular for overnight camping in its mysterious caves.

You are advised to be so careful because here lots of monkeys are there who will try snatching your food items. Sri Kasi Vishweshwara Temple is located nearby and is also known as The Kashi of the South. This place is usually visited from October to March. Lots of caves and temples are there throughout this area.


4. Skandagiri


Skandagiri is well-known as Kalavara Durga. It is a fortress in the mountains, a very ancient one. It is situated70 km from Bangalore. This peak is approximately 1350 m tall. This is a place suitable for both nature lovers as well as daredevils. There are some temples like the Papagni temple, located here. This is also a place which is well-known for its mesmerizing view. This is undoubtedly a long trekking area for the people. You can visit here from March to August as well.


5. Savandurga Hill


This place is situated at a distance of 70 km from Bengaluru. This is such a place that offers a great trekking experience for the trekkers. The historical fort, Kempe Gowda is located here. One of the great experiences people get will be the night trekking from here. You will be having a great view which will be a visual treat for your eyes from there.


This place has so many rocks present and hence it is better to call this place the rock of death. The Nandi Mandap is situated nearby. Here also, you can find temples inside the forest area. This place is covered with thick shrubs and bamboo groves. There is also an herbal plantation which is a place of attraction for the tourists. This place is known for its medicinal plants. The beauty of rivers also contributes to their beauty. In between these trees, there are places for camping as well as for cooking for the visitors.




So, Guys why should you wait? Grab the opportunities to visit these great trekking places as soon as possible. Enjoy every weekend in Bengaluru by trekking to these hilltops as well. This will be such a great experience for you and you will enjoy being here. This place welcomes you with such great adventurousness. Also, you will be so glad to see the visual beauty of nature as well. Go ahead without wasting time.


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