Try These Styles of Draping Sarees to Look Absolutely Stunning

The most attractive Indian ethnic wear is the saree. It is also the most fashionable attire in Bollywood. Famous and inspiring Bollywood actresses wear sarees so well that it has become the choicest outfit for every Indian woman. Because of the amazing work of art, design, and embroidery on this elaborative attire, it turns into the most versatile and elegant dress to wear on any occasion.

Indian sarees embrace a wide range of lovely colors, designs, and comfortable fabrics. Indian Wedding Saree has a large selection of incredibly beautiful sarees for every occasion. Saree draping style has a great impact on your overall look. Every woman should know the perfect saree draping style that suits the best to her appearance. Women traditionally wear sarees in the traditional manner, with the pallu over the head, but the fashion industry has evolved impressive saree draping styles to look absolutely stunning.

Have a look at different saree draping styles for a gorgeous appeal:

– Nicely pleated pallu

Sarees in cotton and silk blend fabrics are elegant. These fabrics form neat pleats of sarees pallu. These pleats give an illusion of vertical lines. Stitching pleated pallu to the shoulder imparts you a taller, slimmer and smarter look. This saree draping style is ideal for office wear. You will look beautiful and confident while giving a presentation or attending a conference.

– Fully spread pallu

Satin, chiffon, georgette, net, and pure silk sarees are stunning. These flowing fabrics add to the beauty and grace of a saree. Stitch the saree pallu from the edge and leave the entire pallu open on one arm for an attractive look. In this draping saree style, you will look like a diva. In floral printed sarees or simple sarees with a gotta-Patti design only, the fully spread pallu style looks lovely. For a striking look, choose subtle colors for floral sarees and deep dark colors with golden or shimmery Gotta-Patti designs.

– Belt as an add-on


You, too, can look stunning like Katrina, Dipika, and Kriti Sanon. Embroidered belt with a saree gives you a stunning appearance similar to these actresses. Wear a lovely designer belt with both plain and designer sarees. This style gives you a perfect shape with an eye-catching appearance.

– South Indian style of draping saree

south indian saree draping

This escalating pleated look of saree pallu is a perfect fit saree draping style. Pallu pleats go from front to the shoulder and back in a bit broad layer. Golden Kamar bandh keeps the pallu tidy and intact. This saree pallu spread style also gives you slimmer look. This is also the traditional style o wearing the Indian saree.

– Saree and jacket

jacket saree draping

This look works well with the latest saree designs in organza, silk, and silk-cotton blend fabrics. For a bold and beautiful look, wear a stylish embroidered or shimmery jacket. It gives your outfit a western vibe. Accessorize your saree look with metallic earrings, a neck chain, and a smartwatch or bracelet.

– Jaipuri saree draping style

jaipuri saree draping

This is the most elegant and royal saree draping style. Princesses used to wear sarees in this beautiful style in ancient times. Half of the saree pallu is pleated and stitched from back to shoulder and to the front. The pleated portion is adhered to the shoulder, and the remaining front portion is spread and stitched to the waist.

– Dhoti-style saree draping

dhoti saree draping

In this style, the saree is draped in dhoti style by taking the saree to the back through the legs and bringing the pallu in front as in contemporary style, with the saree pallu stitched in thin pleats at the shoulder. This style of saree draping is ideal for mehndi and haldi ceremonies.

These are the most appealing saree draping styles that you can use depending on the occasion. Because saree draping style changes the overall appearance of an ensemble, it is critical to select the appropriate saree draping style for the occasion. A saree gracefully embraces your curves and shapes you into a beautiful figure. Consistent saree draping practice allows you to carry this ultimate ensemble with ease and elegance. Indian Wedding Saree allows you to browse a wide range of the latest saree designs to wear to upcoming festival events.


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