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What are the Disadvantages of Online IELTS Coaching?

Online IELTS Coaching Classes

Online tutoring is considered the digital revolution in education. It is the form of education where classes are conducted over the internet. Study material is provided in the form of pdf, website articles, videos and virtual animation.  Still confused, so let’s check what the disadvantages of online IELTS coaching classes are.

Disadvantages of Online IELTS Coaching Classes

As per study abroad consultants and IELTS experts, it offers a flexible class schedule for study abroad candidates where study abroad candidates can study from their place and time of comfort. The courses are affordable and inexpensive than the offline mode. However, instead of many advantages of online IELTS coaching courses, the disadvantages keep many away from online courses. Still thinking about the disadvantages of online IELTS coaching courses? Keep reading to find out.

Disadvantages of Online IELTS Coaching Courses for Study Abroad Candidates

Disadvantages of Online Tutoring

Lack of direct expert monitoring: A teacher in an offline classroom has direct contact with the study abroad candidates in the classroom. It observes everything from body language to behavior, whether you understand the subject or are daydreaming. Based on this, he tries to cope with the children and tries to develop the interest of the study abroad candidates in the class. Whereas, in online classes, the chances of direct interaction are less and IELTS mentors cannot monitor and understand the behavior of the child.

Lack of company: The main disadvantage of online IELTS coaching is the lack of company. Children are more likely to interact with study abroad candidates their own age, and this helps them generate more interest and awareness in their studies.

Lack of practical experience: Most online training does not contain practical information.

Instead, use animated videos and visual presentations. However, you will be able to feel the touch of instruments and other visual elements at school. This hands-on touch leads to better memory, deeper understanding, and a greater desire to learn. This will not be the case with online learning

Increases Risks of Health Issues:

Online IELTS coaching courses require children to sit in front of the computer for long hours. This can lead to health stresses. There may be possibilities of eye strain, stress, and lack of movement of the legs and arms; only the mind will work. He may become lethargic. Therefore, it is crucial to take extra health care for children.

Insufficient Structured Orientation:

Study abroad candidates do not receive proper structured orientation except for a few online institutes. As the online information is vast and there is no limit to study.

Less self-assessment:

When you are in a group of study abroad candidates, you can analyze your own standards of thinking, reasoning, communication, etc. Some study abroad candidates do better than others when an exam is held in a group of classes. This helps study abroad candidates recognize where they are falling behind. Also, accept what they need to learn next to improve them.


Discipline is the key virtue taught in school. Everything happens at fixed times such as Morning Prayer, activities and classes. But on the other hand, in online courses, study abroad candidates just have to dress up in front of the screen and start studying.

Create a sense of isolation:

Online tutoring creates a sense of isolation among children due to less interactive activities. Study abroad candidates become independent to do their tasks which might be good, but on the other hand, they stand isolated from others.

Internet Connection:

Online IELTS coaching is more flexible and available from anywhere with the help of a good internet connection. If you don’t have great internet access on your phone or computer, you might miss a lot of information due to buffering. For a reliable internet connection, the parent has to invest a good sum, which is a disadvantage for poor and middle-class families.

Cheating prevention is hard:

In offline courses, the teacher monitors study abroad candidates in the exam room and guides them to avoid cheating on their exams. However, online digital courses make it quite difficult to prevent study abroad candidates’ cheating habits. The teacher will have no idea if the study abroad candidates are cheating on the test. They are not physically present to assess study abroad candidates.

Well, looking to the future, we can conclude that online and offline learning are the two different modes and platforms with the same goal of teaching study abroad candidates. Each has its limitations and advantages. The problem is that we humans only consider the downsides and judge. But the defect is everywhere in all fields, so it is better to go for the ones that suit your needs. However, online tutoring services provide the best educational benefits to study abroad candidates such as 24/7 student support, meticulously prepared study plan, native IELTS mentors and much more.

Offline IELTS Coaching Classes

So, join offline IELTS coaching in Noida which will help you to get good score for study abroad. Also offline coaching has so many benefits. You can also as your parents about getting any offline coaching nearby so you can ignore these disadvantages of online and get all benefits of offline mentorship for scoring excellent in IELTS.

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